Software-defined doesn’t mean redefined

Everyone’s ready to make the switch to software-defined data center (SDDC)—but what about all that hardware you’ve already invested in? As lovely as it sounds, an entire data center refresh is usually not a realistic option. Which means the key to cost-efficient SDDC adoption is making the most of what you already have.

At Logicalis, we don’t believe in rip and replace. Our experts can help you build an SDDC plan that leverages and maximizes your current investments—and doesn’t require unwieldy capital expenses.

We’ll help you simplify data center management and increase the speed of service delivery by unifying all your server, storage and networking resources on a single platform for monitoring, updating and scaling.

Innovation-defined Business Starts with SDDC Planning

What is SDDC?

SDDC Planning Benefits

SDDC virtualizes and unifies storage, management, networking and compute resources in a single management interface.


SDDC Planning from Logicalis

  • Better support for business priorities, through unification and automation
  • Simplified data management via a single platform for monitoring, updating and scaling resources
  • Increased speed through automation and software-controllable resources
  • Enhanced orchestration, making complex procedures into simple, repeatable processes

Why Logicalis?

SDDC Planning from Logicalis

Why choose Logicalis for SDDC? Here are three reasons why you should choose us.