About us

We’re like you. We want to succeed.

We want to be a valuable partner for our customers, we want to provide opportunity for our employees, and contribute to our communities. And, like you, we know that the innovative use of information technology (IT) is one of the best strategies to achieve our business objectives. 

We use technology for our business and it helps us understand how to help our customers use technology for their businesses. On our website we talk about guiding our customers along the IT transformation journey from a collection of devices that pass bits and bytes back and forth, to one that is self aware, inherently intelligent and can respond dynamically and automatically to changing requirements. We’ve walked every step of that journey ourselves.

Like you:

  • We need to be anywhere and everywhere our customers are, all the time, so we use communication and collaboration technology to empower our employees and enable them to be constantly available to our customers and partners.
  • Our systems need to be secure and available, so we deploy virtualized, high availability, converged environments for our critical systems.
  • We need to get the most from our technology, so we leverage cloud technology (our own enterprise cloud) to ensure flexibility, efficiency, and scalability.
  • We need to be secure, consistent and dependable, so we apply ITIL best practices to everything we do.
  • We need to provide peace of mind so we manage our customer’s IT infrastructures with the same ITSM tools we use to manage our own.
  • We understand that our success depends on the success of our customers, so we do more than sell them technology. We help them succeed. 

Let us help your organization succeed.


Our capabilities are determined, not by what we have to sell—we can get whatever you want, but by what you want to accomplish.

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Our global organization boasts experience and industry knowledge that is both deep and wide, while our local presence means that we can guarantee rapid response times and faster advice.

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Logicalis is proud of the multiple industry awards and accreditations we have attained during the last few years.

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We have reached many milestones since 1997. View our timeline to learn how Logicalis became an international IT solutions provider.

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Office Locations

Logicalis' headquarters is in New York, New York. We have more than 30 office locations throughout the U.S. Find the one that's nearest to you.

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We always welcome skilled and talented candidates who are interested in joining the Logicalis team to further develop their career.

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