Service Defined Enterprise

Changing the Perception of IT

Today, most organizations are ‘technology defined’ – they are as agile as the technology and applications platforms they have chosen in the past.

What challenges the CIO most in attempting to keep up with business demands is complexity.

They not only have to keep an eye on the future, they have to keep one on the past and the present as well. Many CIOs recognizes that IT spends too much money and resource running their existing systems, such as networks, storage, and data management. But, it is today’s present systems and emerging technologies and consumption models—which make IT more agile to respond to business needs.

In the future, the transformation in technologies, operational and consumption models will drive new levels of agility, and create what Logicalis now calls The Service Defined Enterprise.

The Service Defined Enterprise will focus less on what IT systems it owns and operates, and focus instead on which IT services it has access to, and the speed at which these services can meet its overriding business objectives. The transition from IT to a Service Defined Enterprise does not mean that IT as a business function will be any less relevant in the future.  In fact, if IT can make the transition to Service Defined Enterprise, its relevance will not diminish—it will increase. 

This change in thinking will allow CIOs to deliver the business innovation their organizations expect.

Service Defined Enterprise

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