The Need for Speed


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  1. The Need for Speed
    Knowledge is power, and not having it for critical blocks of time is the stuff of CFOs’ nightmares. With the tens of millions of dollars at risk every minute in large organizations, the lack of timely business analytics can lead to logistical, manufacturing, and, ultimately, financial disaster, literally in less time than it takes to pull a comprehensive report.
  2. In-Memory Software
    Advances in “in-memory” data algorithms in the last few years have got the database behemoths running in uncharacteristically hot pursuit of the fastest calculation times.
  3. Rising Tide of Big Data
    There are several notable undercurrents in the rising tide that SAP HANA is riding. The theme here is that SAP is relaxing it’s need to maintain absolute control of its products.
  4. Roadmap to the Future
    Logicalis is now offering SAP HANA workshops for individual companies—or groups of companies—to evaluate their business requirements, help them decide if SAP HANA is right for them, and if so, help them decide on the hardware solution that is best for their purposes.
  5. Mobility
    Being able to perform business analytics 10,000 times faster loses its effectiveness if you have to drive to headquarters to act on the analysis. SAP HANA is never going to run on your iPad, but a disciplined mobility strategy can ensure that the insights SAP HANA helps you uncover are immediately available to key personnel wherever they are on the device of their choice.

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