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The Logicalis GovEd Practice helps Colleges and Universities use technology to provide a borderless digital learning environment.

We have the right tools, the right vendor partners and the right people to help colleges and universities mold the digital transformation of campus life into an open-ended educational experience accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime; centrally and securely managed across a distributed IT infrastructure that learns and grows ahead of the rising expectations of the student body it serves.

The Logicalis GovEd Practice draws on the combined skills and experience of our entire organization to help colleges and universities use technology to provide a borderless digital learning environment for their students.

Campus Mobility and Identity Solutions

Campus Mobility and Identity Solutions

With every student bringing as many as four digital devices of their own choosing to school, college campus administrators are facing network and wireless bandwidth demands that exceed major corporations. The scope of the challenge is expanded by the size of campuses and the proliferation and diversity of devices. We help schools determine their bandwidth requirements and develop systems to confirm identities, segregate traffic, manage mobile devices and app use, and mitigate congestion.

Cloud and Data Center Management

Most corporations require few applications to keep them running. Higher education campuses, especially those with active research and development centers, require hundreds of applications, and of course, all the storage required to securely capture, manage and analyze torrents of data. Onsite data centers as well as public and hybrid cloud systems need to work together flawlessly. Logicalis has the skills and experience across the entire IT infrastructure to empower Big Data on campus, ensure continuity and availability and provide disaster recovery.

Cloud and Data Center Management


Colleges and universities are entrusted with a tremendous amount of personal and financial information about their students. Cracks between the conflicting goals of easy access and tight security expose many opportunities for exploitation and malware. Today’s campus cybersecurity measures consist of dozens of tools, appliances and applications working together to form a strong defensive shield around a school’s wired and wireless network. Logicalis helps schools perform periodic assessments of their data security systems, evaluate their vigilance and make the necessary upgrades to keep a school’s data defenses securely in front of cyber attackers.

Lecture Capture and Campus Extension

Logicalis helps schools extend their campuses three ways:

  1. Lecture capture – Digital video systems provide unblinking, real-time visual access to your entire campus, including remote buildings.
  2. Virtual office hours – With online video collaboration, faculty can login to student meetings from anywhere, anytime.
  3. Distance learning – We help schools surround their students in learning wherever they are. Experiencing subject matter live on immersive video elevates their engagement immeasurably.
Lecture Capture and Campus Extension
Campus Physical Security

Campus Physical Security

Logicalis helps schools provide physical security three ways:

  1. Video surveillance – Digital video systems provide unblinking, real-time visual access to your entire campus.
  2. Access control – Centrally managed electronic door locks and card badge readers ensure safe access to your school.
  3. Emergency notification – When triggered by an authorized official, emergency notification systems can instantly push approved messaging to every IP phone and digital display in the school as well as to local police and parents.

IT Priorities in Higher Ed*

  1. Hiring and retaining qualified staff
  2. Optimizing the use of technology
  3. Developing IT funding models
  4. Improving student outcomes
  5. Demonstrating the business value of IT
  1. Increasing the capacity for managing change
  2. Providing user support
  3. Developing security policies for mobile and cloud computing
  4. Developing an enterprise IT architecture
  5. Balancing agility, openness and security


*Source: Center for Digital Government

Higher Ed IT Priorities
Davenport University

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Davenport University

Logicalis leveraged its in-depth knowledge of the Higher Education market to help Davenport University implement a Pure Storage solution which improved performance of their Banner and Blackboard applications as well as supplied improved responsiveness for end-users