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Susan is the CFO of a five-hospital, 1,200-bed regional healthcare network. With increasing government cuts, decreasing reimbursements and a changing business model, it’s a balancing act between her current fee-for-service model and an impending shared risk/managed cost model. She also needs to carefully plan the transition to ICD-10 so she can make smart financial decisions when taking on additional debt.


As Chief Medical Officer, Robert’s biggest challenge is to provide his physicians with the tools they need to serve their patients. This not only includes an enterprise Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system with a single-sign on from any device into a longitudinal patient record, but it also includes the insight and guidance to ensure that government requirements and regulations are being addressed. Robert relies heavily on the director of quality and the hospital’s Chief Compliance Officer to keep him abreast of relevant changes so he can communicate proactively with the hospital’s providers.

System Interoperability

Dan is the CIO of a mid-sized 370-bed hospital on the West coast. His CEO is pressuring him to update current technology to keep the physicians happy, but he has been warned by the CFO that he has a limited budget. The physicians want a “one look” EMR system with data from a variety of sources, but he’s not sure how to implement this. With the right IT strategy, he knows he could save money by enhancing some of his current processes and delivering innovative solutions to help physicians target patients that need to be managed more effectively. Dan is troubled by the various problems and limited options.

Healthcare Reform

Paul  is the president and CEO of a 500-bed suburban hospital. Like most CEOs, he is concerned with the financial challenges his hospital faces. He wants to enhance operations, but he has a limited budget for new technology and needs a strong ROI for every investment. He isn’t sure if his team has a good handle on healthcare reform, and with all the new government regulations, he wants some assurances that they’re prepared to meet the dynamic challenges ahead.


Kathy is the Chief Security Officer of a large healthcare network in the Southeast. The ever-increasing threat of cyber-security breaches has created a mandate from the Board to do whatever it takes to keep patient data secure, but the network’s expansion of technology offerings to both providers and patients has challenged her with monitoring and thwarting any and all security risks. With physicians wanting to use a variety of devices for EMR access and texting, and with patients demanding better access to their personal health records (PHR) and physician’s office, Kathy is trying to prioritize, analyze and implement solutions that address all of her concerns.

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