Hospitals today are seeing a significant increase in their print volumes, driven by initiatives such as EMR, Meaningful Use, the Affordable Care Act, and ICD-10.

These initiatives have increased hospitals’ printing related to internal documentation, claims processing and general governance. At the same time, hospitals have little visibility into what is being printed where, which leads to stockpiling of supplies and underutilized equipment. 

All healthcare systems are responding to increasing demands to cut costs without affecting patient care. Every function in a hospital should be under review. Output/ print environments and print-related expenses are often overlooked or low priority, though they can play a significant role in cutting costs and increasing the quality of EHRs. The conversion of U.S. hospitals from entirely paper-based to a completely digital environment still has a long way to go. There are millions of dollars in savings available by controlling and managing print-related assets and costs. Should you be concerned about the ongoing costs of your print services? Do you want to reduce costs without any disruption? 

Where to Start?

Addressing consumables waste is a good place to start. How often are supplies changed too early? Are your supply closets full of spare cartridges that you simply don’t need? Up to 25% of consumables and parts are often wasted, even if you use a simple print fleet monitoring system. What if you could reduce this loss and waste to instantly increase cost-effectiveness? 


Before implementing any change, it’s worth examining which elements are already working well. It may be that you can achieve your desired outcome but retain many of the existing processes and supplier relationships. There may be other considerations that complicate the decision process. These may be more difficult to quantify, such as carbon footprint, customer experience or employee satisfaction.


Print Business Intelligence Service is a cloud based service that uses agents to automatically monitor all print activity and provide management reporting and automated alerts for ordering supplies and servicing requests. The service can discreetly monitor and recommend cost savings without changing a single supply chain component or equipment liability on your balance sheet.  Managed Print as a Service allows hospitals to:

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