The Need For Speed and Availability

In the industry that coined the phrase: “Time is money,” time is being measured in smaller and smaller, digitized increments and the cost of downtime is going up by leaps and bounds. The financial industry’s need for speed and availability, as a result, is insatiable. 

Information technology is the bricks and mortar of today’s financial services organizations. Whether you’re firm is engaged in brokerage, insurance or banking, your customers want multi-channel access without compromising security or compliance. At the same time, established firms with significant investments in legacy technology are facing intense competition from so called fintech start up companies that are able to launch innovative services powered by new, often disruptive technologies.

Big data and data analytics promise to offer competitive advantage, but the huge volumes of structured and unstructured data associated with Big Data can be like a fire hose in the face for IT departments scrambling to control the flow of data that is bursting the seams of conventional infrastructures with separate servers, storage, networks and management.

Business Drivers and IT Challenges include:

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Logicalis has experience across the entire IT infrastructure. Our high-level partnerships with Cisco, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, VMware and others allow us to take a holistic, business-centric approach to accomplishing both your business and technology objectives.

Key technologies in our solution portfolio include:

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