The Age of the Customer

The “age of the customer” should be a great time for retail. Millions of potential customers literally hold your retail store in the palm of their hand. Buying opportunities are ubiquitous and customer data is generated with almost every click and keystroke. Retail organizations today have access to more customers and know much more about every single one of them than ever before.

Staying ahead of shifting buying patterns as more sales are made by customers who have one foot online and the other at the store counter, however, is a daunting task. And, just as every one of your competitors’ customers is just a click away from your website, your customers are just a click away from theirs. Ecommerce has virtually eliminated geography as a barrier to sales, but it has also made loyalty an ephemeral commodity in the digital world.

Business Drivers and IT Challenges

To thrive in retail today, you need to:

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Logicalis has experience across the entire IT infrastructure. Our high-level partnerships with Cisco, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, VMware and others allow us to take a holistic, business-centric approach to accomplishing both your business and technology objectives.

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