The BYOD Infographic

BYOD Infographic

Bring Your Own Device Study

In the largest study ever conducted into the reach of employee Bring Your Own Device behavior, there is a divide between the levels of BYOD and attitudes in high-growth markets and mature markets.This will shape how different regions get to benefit from next generation enterprise mobility.

BYOD Usage:

44%: In mature markets, employees are more precious about the separation of their work and personal domains.

75%: Employees in high-growth, emerging economies are demonstrating a more flexible attitude to working hours, and are happy to use their own devices for work.

Work / Personal Time

In mature markets, just 54% of employees believe that constant connectivity enables them to do their job better.

Employees in high-growth markets see BYOD as a way to get ahead in their careers, with 79% believing that constant connectivity to work applications enables them to do their job better.

Single Device:

38% of employees in mature markets like to use a single device for both work and personal use.

59% of employees in high-growth markets like to use a single device for both work and personal use.

Unmanaged BYOD activity

Too much BYOD activity is going unmanaged. Of those employees who BYOD, 18% claim that their employer’s IT department does not know, while a further 28% of respondents’ IT departments actively ignore it is happening, for a total unmanaged share of 46%.

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