Logicalis International Sales

Logicalis' International Presence

Logicalis US

United States

Logicalis US has the experience and resources to effectively serve a wide array of customers across a variety of geographic areas regionally, nationally and internationally.

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Logicalis UK

United Kingdom

Logicalis UK delivers a unique brand of globally focused IT know-how that helps customers embrace digital enablement, transforming their organizations in meaningful ways.

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Logicalis Ireland


Logicalis Ireland measures its success by its customers’ success—no matter where those customers are located.

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Logicalis Brazil


Logicalis Brazil relies on its extensive technical capabilities and deep vendor relationships to deliver world-class solutions and services from the local level to the global marketplace.

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Australia - Thomas Duryea Logicalis


Thomas Duryea Logicalis helps local, regional and multi-national clients transform their business operations, making them more flexible, efficient and productive.

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Logicalis Singapore


Logicalis Singapore helps clients integrate, manage and facilitate their technology consumption, giving them a competitive edge in today’s digitally enabled business environment.

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Logicalis Germany


Logicalis Germany helps clients bridge the gap between business needs and technological capabilities to become digitally enabled.

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Logicalis Spain


Logicalis Spain is a long-term trusted advisor to more than 60% of the organizations on the IBEX 35, a testament to its success delivering IT solutions.

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Logicalis Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Logicalis Hong Kong turns technology solutions into powerful business outcomes in a variety of vertical markets throughout Asia Pacific and beyond.

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Logicalis Netherlands


For any organization – local, regional or multi-national – that is in the midst of a digital transformation, Logicalis SMC is the organization that can help lay the groundwork for its success.

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Logicalis China


Logicalis China is a thought leader in IT solutions and services that is skilled in helping both regional and multi-national enterprise clients achieve their business goals.

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Logicalis Argentina


Logicalis Argentina designs, deploys and supports the IT solutions and services that help transform businesses into powerful, digitally aware organizations both regionally and around the world.

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The red pins mark country locations and the blue pins mark data center locations. Visit a country's website to view a list of their office locations.

Logicalis Global Map Data Center - Phoenix, AZ Logicalis US Data Center - West Chester, OH Data Center - Edison, NJ Logicalis Mexico Logicalis Colombia Logicalis Ecuador Logicalis Peru Logicalis Brazil Data Center - Campinas, Brazil Logicalis Uruguay Logicalis Argentina Logicalis Chile Logicalis Paraguay Logicalis Bolivia Logicalis South Africa Logicalis Spain Logicalis Channel Islands Logicalis Ireland Logicalis UK Data Centers - Slough and Bracknell, UK Logicalis Netherlands Logicalis Germany Logicalis China Logicalis Hong Kong Logicalis Taiwan Logicalis Malaysia Data Center - Singapore Logicalis Singapore Logicalis Indonesia Logicalis Australia Data Center - Sydney Data Center - Melbourne


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