Logicalis Operation Center

Logicalis customers reap the benefits of our commitment to excellence.

Logicalis has been in the Managed Services business for more than 16 years providing over-the-wire remote infrastructure management services. Over time, we have grown our services organization through the investment of people, enterprise-class management systems and processes built upon service management standards. Logicalis provides consistently high quality services to manage our clients’ IT infrastructure.

We believe that there is a direct correlation between customer experience and the level of definitions and standards; as such, Logicalis has made an enormous investment in these areas and it’s what differentiates us.

Logicalis began investing in cloud services in 2009 and continues to make significant investments today. We have expanded our cloud infrastructure into three data centers and continue to enhance our offerings to focus on not only the consumable services we offer but add to our capability by extending our reach through the management of your on premise private cloud footprint and other third party IaaS providers such as SoftLayer. All managed by Logicalis Managed Services for a consistent high quality experience for your end users. Over this time, we have spent more than $15 million building out our cloud portfolio and services.

We have more than 250 client’s currently running applications in our cloud infrastructure today. This represents nearly 2,000 VM’s and just short of 1PB of storage capacity under the watchful eye of our managed service team running 24/7. Logicalis is committed to continue the investment and expansion of our cloud services as we see this solution set as a key benefit in how we engage, support and deliver IT solutions to our clients. Today we have clients running everything from test, development and production workloads spanning simple web servers, to mission-critical core enterprise applications.

We are excited about the opportunity to provide you first-class services through our Operation Center.