Frequently Asked Questions

What is the support structure in the Operation Center?
The Logicalis Operation Center has four tiered levels of support. This structure is designed to give our customers the best level of support. It also provides a career path for our NOC employees. We have very low turnover due to the career advancement opportunities.This means that our customers typically have the same people supporting their environment for the term of their contract. This high level of customer environment knowledge enables us to be more efficient at incident resolution.

How many people work in the Operations Center?
The NOC is staffed 24/7/365 and has approximately 85 resources located across the US. Though West Chester is the physical location of our Operation Center, our systems allow our engineers to reside throughout the US. This allows for flexible scheduling and better support and time coverage for our clients.

What technology do you support?
We support a broad array of technologies from industry standard vendors, including servers, network, storage, back-up, database, Unified Communications, messaging, security and applications. A list of most common technologies is located in this package.

What software tools do you use?
We use a large array of tools including: Nimsoft for end device monitoring and to perform synthetic transition monitoring. These tools feed our ticketing system, ServiceNow, where tickets are worked by our engineers based on priority. In addition we have tools for secure Password Management, two-factor authentication, patch management, key logging, etc.

How do you operate during bad weather or emergency situations?
We operate 24/7/365 and all of our management tools are available remotely. In the event of a power outage, we have a gas-powered generator that provides power to the Operation Center and support equipment. If we lose power in one region of the US, our tiered support structure will not be affected as we have resources dispersed thought the US. We also operate fully redundant systems, so access to your environment is always available. All of our cloud services are available with an add-on of DR protection to ensure your systems are available if something happens to the primarily location of your solution.

Why did you choose Cincinnati, OH, for the main operation center?
There are many reasons. It is a central location for the majority of our clients. We are also located within an hour of two major airports, which allows many travel options. Our Midwest location offers competitive skills and labor costs as well as close proximity to resources coming out of colleges. However, our team is made of resources throughout the US to provide the greatest level of support and flexibility to our customers.

How does ServiceNow work?

Tickets are created for some devices assigned monitoring only; notification of the issue is sent to the customer. Monitoring incidents do not have SLAs attached to them because the customer has opted to manage and resolve issues on these devices.

Our support team has gauges that represent a summary of the time to resolution and the SLA compliance percentage. (Our time to resolution is low, and SLA compliance is high!)
Logicalis also performs change requests for some of our clients. We average up to 800 change requests per month.

Where a large number of incidents are created that are related, or when an issue is found while troubleshooting that requires additional investigation beyond restoring the device to service, a problem ticket is created. These problem tickets can also be used for trending, to identify specific reoccurring incidents for remediation.

Who manages the Operation Center?
The VP of managed services operations has the overall responsibility for day-to-day operations. Each function has a Director; each Tier of engineers has a manager; and each shift is managed by a shift lead or manager who acts as an escalation point for all incidents. These personnel ensure that tickets are being addressed in a timely manner and act as mentors for the teams they manage. The shift leaders and managers also communicate directly with the operations director and the senior management team when critical incidents occur within the Logicalis and customer environments. In addition, each technology has technical escalations to senior resources on a 24x7 basis.

Who is the first point of contact?
Since the Operation Center is staffed 24/7/365, someone is always available to answer incoming calls.

How does the support structure work?
Managed Services is split into technologies and tiers that allows for work to be performed by the correct skill and skill level. When a ticket is received, it is routed to the appropriate technology and tier level based on documented procedures and guidelines. Each technology tier is responsible for their own tickets and if they can’t solve the problem, the ticket is escalated to the next upstream tier.

What other resources does the Operation Center offer?
We have a full-service facility that offers our customers many opportunities while they visit. We offer multiple conference rooms and two TelePresence Rooms that allow you to do video conferencing. We also offer a collaboration demo room where you can check out the latest UC technology. Our training room can be used for technical and other types of training needs. If you need office space, we offer multiple hotel offices with power, phone and closed door privacy.