Logicalis US: Dev-Ops is Taking Center Stage Among Software Providers

Solution Provider IDs Three Ways Outsourcing Advances Dev-Ops Processes

NEW YORK, April 28, 2015 – Dev-ops is taking center stage among software providers, particularly as software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery models speed developers’ go-to-market capabilities. With fierce competition, software providers are focusing intently on the continuous optimization of their products, and according to Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (www.us.logicalis.com), they are seeing the value in outsourcing business-critical infrastructure, managed services and the automation of key IT operations that are outside their core competency to skilled third-party partners.

“The most savvy software developers are quickly realizing that the work they put into developing new versions or continuous improvements to their software can be accomplished much faster and more cost effectively when they take stock of their core strengths and focus their time and attention on what they do best – building software – relying on a trusted partner for everything else,” says Ryan McNees, Solution Provider Practice Leader, Logicalis US. “The key is for software providers to leverage technology to improve their businesses, and in many cases, that means operationalizing their development processes so they can build, test and release new versions and upgrades on the fly without having to manage the technology they use to get there.”

As a result, it’s important to select a solution provider partner that can, through the deployment and management of technology, help the software provider create an end-to-end dev-op solution that integrates IT tools and services with ITIL processes.  By outsourcing these back-room tasks to a trusted partner, software developers can concentrate on innovation, bringing new versions and updates to market faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Three Ways to Use Outsourcing to Advance Dev-Ops Processes

  1. Offload Infrastructure: It’s important for software developers to not only embrace the cloud, but to find a trusted partner that delivers cloud computing in the unique ways software providers need to access it.  Start by choosing a cloud provider that offers compute capabilities on demand; being able to spin those resources up and down as needed is crucial, particularly in the non-production phase of development.  Ideally, the same partner should be able to provide a managed cloud environment with an integrated portal that allows the software developer to see all their cloud services in a single location. With the array of commoditized cloud services available today, it’s important to choose a partner that can be trusted to make vendor-neutral recommendations based on what is right for the software provider’s business and how the various services fit into the overall solution.
  2. Improve Management: It’s also advantageous to choose a partner with an in-depth service catalog. Selecting the right managed services partner will ensure the solution provider is able to leverage the IT service management tools and managed services needed to create the ITIL processes that will move them swiftly and accurately from development to market.
  3. Embrace Automation: The mantra in an ITIL organization is continuous improvement, therefore, the right solution provider partner is one that is constantly measuring and evaluating things, looking for ways to improve the software developer’s processes on a regular basis.  One way to do this is through automation; if the software provider is performing the same manual IT tasks over and over, the solution provider can help automate those tasks by recommending, implementing and managing IT service management tools that reduce these redundancies.

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