Logicalis US Announces New “On-Demand Cloud” IaaS Service

Solution Provider Meets Enterprise Need for Self-Managed Compute Resources

NEW YORK, August 23, 2013 – Today, Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (http://www.us.logicalis.com/) – and a company named “Best Cloud Consultant” at the Cloudcor UP 2012 Cloud Computing Conference – announced a new infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud resource, the Logicalis On-Demand Cloud.

The Logicalis On-Demand Cloud is a self-managed, multi-tenant public cloud infrastructure that provides the flexible compute resources, memory and storage necessary to complete projects such as test and development, proof of concept, training, bursting or other short-term needs. This new service offers the benefit of not requiring customers to invest in building and managing their own on-premises infrastructure.  Complete with basic levels of self management, infrastructure monitoring, provisioning, storage and security, the Logicalis On-Demand Cloud offers a dynamic, yet reliable infrastructure to companies needing more flexible compute resources.  It gives CIOs a natural evolutionary path to a production cloud environment as needed without a long-term commitment.  The Logicalis On-Demand Cloud also gives companies that need to meet tight deadlines and keep up with changing business requirements and market conditions the speed-to-market and agility to do so.

Kevin Gruneisen, Senior Director, Data Center Solutions, says Logicalis created its On-Demand Cloud service based on requirements from enterprise cloud clients needing a flexible environment for non-production workloads. “As part of Logicalis’ cloud portfolio of services, the Logicalis On-Demand Cloud minimizes the barriers to entry for companies that may be new to cloud computing,” Gruneisen says.  “This approach lets users who are investigating a long-term, production cloud environment do so seamlessly, when they’re ready, through Logicalis’ Enterprise Cloud or dedicated cloud solutions.”

While there are numerous reasons a solution like On-Demand Cloud might appeal to IT pros in enterprise environments, through discussions with its clients, Logicalis has nailed down 10 of the top benefits CIOs say they will garner from this kind of on-demand IaaS relationship.

The Logicalis On-Demand Cloud: 10 Benefits for CIOs

  1. It’s On-Demand: An on-demand IaaS like Logicalis’ On-Demand Cloud provides short-term resources that match an organization’s computing needs when and how those resources are needed most.
  2. The CFO Will Love It: Pricing for the Logicalis On-Demand Cloud is billed hourly and gives customers the option to cap monthly usage to adhere to budgetary restrictions.  In fact, in many cases, budget-conscious CIOs are actually able to lower their on-premise infrastructure and management costs by having on-demand access to this kind of reliable IaaS computing resource, something their CFOs are sure to embrace as well.
  3. Faster Time to Market: Enterprise organizations gain a faster time to market with rapidly provisioned compute memory, bandwidth and disk space.
  4. Business Agility Improves: Transitioning from an on-demand IaaS to integrate with other computing resources such as the Logicalis Enterprise Cloud or application development services is seamless, speeding the organization’s time to value and business agility.
  5. Supported by a Robust, Reliable Infrastructure: On Demand Cloud leverages enterprise-class servers, storage and networking infrastructure for maximum performance.
  6. Flexible Cloud Infrastructure: Using an on-demand IaaS solution provides access to current technology that would otherwise be unattainable at a comparable price.
  7. No Fear: Multiple layers of redundancy make hardware failures inconsequential.
  8. Safe and Secure: Because the IaaS is delivered by Logicalis through its public Enterprise Cloud, it incorporates ITIL V3 best management practices, encrypted storage and is SSAE-16 certified to ensure data security.
  9. Facilitates Computing Communication: On-Demand Cloud provides an industry-standard API for automated provisioning from existing customer portals.
  10. Expert Advice: Trained technical staff will help customers choose the right options, tailored to fit their particular need – no guesswork required – one size does not fit all.

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About Logicalis

Logicalis is an international IT solutions and managed services provider with a breadth of knowledge and expertise in communications and collaboration; data center and cloud services; and managed services.

Logicalis employs nearly 3,500 people worldwide, including highly trained service specialists who design, specify, deploy and manage complex ICT infrastructures to meet the needs of almost 6,000 corporate and public sector customers.  To achieve this, Logicalis maintains strong partnerships with technology leaders such as Cisco, HP, IBM, CA Technologies, EMC, NetApp, Microsoft, VMware and ServiceNow.

The Logicalis Group has annualized revenues of over $1.4 billion from operations in Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific and is fast establishing itself as one of the leading IT and Communications solution integrators specializing in the areas of advanced technologies and services.

The Logicalis Group is a division of Datatec Limited, listed on the Johannesburg and London AIM Stock Exchanges, with revenues of over $5 billion.

For more information, visit http://www.us.logicalis.com/.