Logicalis US Gives CIOs Three Reasons to Outsource their Help Desk Services

Solution Provider Invites IT Professionals to Attend Regional Service Desk Roadshow, Explore Pros and Cons of Outsourcing their Service Desk with Logicalis Experts

NEW YORK, September 1, 2015 – Millennials comprise a growing percentage of today’s workforce, bringing with them an unprecedented demand for sophisticated IT services – and with that the expectation for an increasingly responsive service desk.  Since most companies view the incident-resolving help desk as well as the more holistic service desk as cost centers, without a significant increase in budget, these demands will become harder to meet over time. Outsourcing may be the best answer, says Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (www.us.logicalis.com). To help CIOs determine if an outsourced service desk solution makes both business and financial sense for their organizations, Logicalis invites IT pros to attend one of its upcoming multi-city regional service desk events.  During these events, to be held throughout the month of October, Logicalis experts will discuss the technical and business advantages of moving non-value-added activities – including help desk support – to a third party, freeing time and internal IT resources to focus on business innovation.  To register to attend one of these regional events, visit http://ow.ly/RAg3I.

“Companies that have internal help desks are so accustomed to ‘business as usual’ that they resist looking outside the box at something new, even when that something new may be able to save them time and money and improve their IT service delivery in the process,” says Ed Konopasek, Vice President, Cloud and Data Center Solutions, Logicalis US. “The fact is, most companies see help desks and even service desks as a cost center.  Many want to reduce the technical staff they have dedicated to service desk functions, and those that have experienced rapid growth find right-sizing these functions an increasing challenge. When service desks aren’t running as smoothly as they could be, end user satisfaction wanes, putting a tremendous burden on internal IT resources who have to work even harder to maintain the quality of service today’s IT users expect.  What so many IT pros haven’t realized is the significant advantages in service levels, agility, flexibility, staffing and costs that an outsourced service desk solution may be able to offer.  It’s something that every CIO should, at the very least, investigate.”

Three Reasons to Outsource Your Service Desk

  1. Experience matters: Third-party service desk providers are exposed to all kinds of situations from a variety of clients nationwide on a daily basis.  Over time, this exposure builds the skillsets of their lower level help desk resources so that more calls can be resolved at level 1 in shorter periods of time than can be done with an in-house team.  This yields significant productivity benefits companywide: IT users are back to work in 15 minutes or so, versus the one to four hours and additional expense it can take to escalate a call to higher level experts, and internal IT resources are freed to focus on tasks that are more strategic to the business.
  2. Resources matter: Many companies operate on a round-the-clock basis today, which means their service desks must do the same. Staffing in-house service desks to meet night, weekend and holiday hours can be a difficult as well as expensive task; taking advantage of shared resources via outsourcing can result in significant cost savings and provide a higher level of support during unusual or off hours than in-house teams are able to offer.
  3. Money matters: Because internal service desks are considered cost centers, they typically operate with a lean staff.  However, with pared-down staffing, when employees take sick days, vacation days or even just go to lunch, their absence must be handled by creating rotations or pulling other employees away from their regular positions to fill the gaps.  This can cause significant disruptions and can become a costly problem that results in overstaffing to eliminate these voids, something which outsourced solutions can resolve efficiently and cost effectively.  Want to see if outsourcing is right for you without fully committing? Look for a partner that offers an after-hours-only service using U.S.-based personnel to test the waters on a lighter scale.

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