Logicalis US Announces Optimal Service Management, Offers Multi-National Enterprises Consistent Managed Services Regardless of Geography

Solution Provider Outlines Five Advantages of an International Common Service Platform

NEW YORK, May 5, 2015 – Large organizations are increasingly seeking a single solution provider with which to partner around the globe.  What these multi-national customers want is a single organization capable of seamlessly providing high-quality managed services regardless of geography.  Few solution providers are able to provide exactly that; while some have independent operations in multiple countries, not many are able to provide a common service platform that delivers the consistency of services required on an international basis.  Recognizing the need for this kind of consistency across geographies, Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (www.us.logicalis.com), today rolled out Optimal Service Management, a brand-new component of its international Common Service Platform.

“In many cases, service providers have a different operation in each country, and while they may rightfully call themselves ‘global,’ they are not providing the same services with consistency throughout their network of country organizations,” says Justin Cawood, Director of International Managed Services, Logicalis US. “Today, Logicalis is rolling out a service management solution based on a common service platform that creates true consistency in the way we handle service management across all the countries in which we operate. Optimal Service Management is an incredible framework that has been painstakingly designed to give us repeatable, consistent services across all geographies while still affording us the ability to remain flexible and agile in meeting our customers’ unique regional needs.”

Cawood likens the service to that of vehicle manufacturers: Car companies achieve scalability, reliability, and flexibility by focusing on an interchangeable component structure.  Components are carefully designed to operate across an array of the manufacturer’s vehicles.  As a result, selections of these components can be assembled to produce a range of vehicle choices, with different options based on local market requirements. Logicalis has duplicated this model by deconstructing its managed services into interchangeable service components that can be quickly assembled to bring new services to market.

Logicalis’ Common Service Platform is the overall umbrella program. Underneath are two components: first, a custom-built Optimal Service Portfolio introduced in 2013 that defines all of Logicalis’ services using the component structure, and second, Optimal Service Management, a service operation platform Logicalis has already rolled out in 10 countries.  Today’s announcement marks Logicalis’ rollout of Optimal Service Management in the U.S., the 11th out of 23 countries that will soon adopt this structure worldwide.

Service components within the Logicalis Common Service Platform are all designed to operate within the company’s core service management systems, thus making service design and service operation a painless and efficient process. While challenging to build, this interchangeable, common international structure yields significant dividends in operational maturity and customer satisfaction.

Thus, the platform enables consistent, mature management of ongoing operations on an international basis – i.e., incidents, problems, upgrades and configuration changes as well as a variety of other service management functions the company routinely performs remotely on behalf of its managed services clients. Now, when Logicalis builds a service management package for a client, it can pick and choose from a menu of service components – just like automobile manufacturers can – that have been carefully designed for quality of service and consistency regardless of geographic location.  Doing this, Logicalis experts say, gives clients five significant advantages.

Five Advantages of an International Common Service Platform

  1. Pre-Designed Intelligence: Without a common service structure, service providers become reactive in their implementation of operational tasks.  Conversely, under Optimal Service Management, when Logicalis manages customer technologies, the process is highly automated and structured; there are no questions, manual procedures to reference, or last-minute decisions about how to route or handle issues and requests.  That intelligence has been predesigned into the management of the service components resulting in consistent service levels over time and across disparate geographic regions, languages and cultures.
  2. Technology Leadership: While outsourcing repeatable tasks to a third party has value, the day-to-day operational tasks are not where the solution provider’s most important value to the client lies. By eliminating the need to focus attention exclusively on reactive operations, the solution provider becomes a trusted advisor, assessing trends, directions and new areas of value, and guiding customers’ technology decisions to help maximize their IT ROI.
  3. Automated Efficiencies: Solution providers commonly take a call, log a ticket, then determine the best way to restore service. Under the new Optimal Service Management framework, Logicalis has created a series of processes designed with workflows and automation to ensure consistent, rules-based efficiencies, allowing the company to focus more intently on restoring service, resolving root issues, and managing the customer’s technology in a proactive manner, delivering “preventive management” as opposed to “reactive management” of its clients’ business-critical systems.
  4. Maturity Boosters: Many customers are struggling to mature their in-house IT processes so they can spend less time managing infrastructure and more time doing things that are strategic to their businesses.  By outsourcing a portion of their IT management to a trusted partner, they can stop working their way up the IT maturity ladder and effectively inherit the mature systems and processes Logicalis has already built, thus allowing them to focus on growth within their own core business.
  5. An Intelligent Portal: Even after handing over the reins to the management of their business systems, customers need to be able to keep track of the status of their systems.  With Optimal Service Management, Logicalis’ customers get an intelligent portal that gives them one place to monitor the services being managed, intelligently interact with those services, view the status of SLAs and contracts, see which devices are being managed by the partner, and leverage the integration of managed services with Logicalis’ On-Demand Cloud offerings.

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