Let Logicalis show you what HPE technology can do for you.

Logicalis is one of HPE's highest accredited partners, capable of supporting any size of organization and solution, across the entire Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology portfolio to large enterprise Data Center total refresh projects.

However long and impressive our list of specialist accreditations, what makes Logicalis' relationship with HPE work for our customers is commitment.

HPE + Logicalis

HPE + Logicalis Solutions

The cloud is difficult to envision through discussions alone.  That’s why Logicalis has created a Cloud Centers of Excellence in Cincinnati, OH to give you a hands-on experience that transforms “the cloud” from an ethereal idea into a real set of hardware and software tools working together in a way that makes sense for your business. 

Built around the HPE Helion along with the extended HPE product line, these Cloud Centers of Excellence demonstrate that the cloud is built on mature platforms, some of the very same HPE components – Synergy, Simplivity, Nimble,3PAR, and Aruba products – that you may already have in your own data center.

Data Center
Today, more than ever, you need technology that’s smarter and more resilient – less prone to human error. You want robust computing power, but you also want to conserve costs and decrease the time it takes to manage your data center. To meet these goals, you need solutions that both deliver on these promises today and embrace the future of IT.  The good news is, with Logicalis+HPE, the future is now. Together we provided Data Center Solutions including Mission Critical Servers, Blade Servers, Synergy, Simplivity, Nimble, Aruba, and Generation 10 Servers.

Professional Services
Your own IT team needs to stay focused on  supporting your business. They don’t have time to evaluate solutions every time a new business need is identified. Logicalis has been creating business solutions on HPE platforms for nearly 20 years. Our proven delivery methodology, experienced technicians and vigilant project managers ensure that every solution is implemented according to best practices and completed on time and on budget. We bring a level of hands-on technical experience that can empower your good ideas with HPE technologies and make them great. 

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)
The Software Defined Data Center SDDC represents an operational move from manual, siloed technologies and processes to an integrated, automated data center infrastructure and environment, an improvement that will increase the physical speed of your resources while delivering consistent performance. Logicalis works with technology partners HPE and VMware to help you make the Software Defined Data Center a reality for your organization.

HPE’s midrange 3PAR, Nimble, StoreOnce and StoreVirtual products represent a new single-platform strategy that marries the robust data storage and information mining capabilities you need with an upgrade path that uses identical command sets to eliminate IT learning curves.

Logicalis Financial Services

The real value of business infrastructure comes from use, not ownership. That’s why a Logicalis Financial Services lease is often the best choice for your business. We offer flexible leasing options that enable your ICT to remain competitive. Learn more


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