Rapid Threat Containment Workshop

Logicalis Office  |  Cleveland, OH

Malware is increasing in sophistication, stealth, and speed. The proliferation of lightly protected IoT (Internet of Things) endpoints is expanding the attack surface. These conditions are challenging security teams to mitigate risks before, during, and after attacks.

Many organizations can already detect anomalies, leading adversaries to develop malware to evade detection and to move quickly to steal valuable data. Detecting and stopping threats has thus become a quick-paced race for IT, security, and incident response teams.

Cisco Rapid Threat Containment, a Cisco Security Solution, detects and automatically contains malware with a set of tightly integrated and vendor-supported detection, visibility, and enforcement technologies.

Come see an actual attack, live, to truly understand just how easy it is to compromise a system. We will then walk you through how Cisco Security solutions work together to detect and defend an attack automatically.

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Event Details

Thursday, January 25, 2018


1801 Superior Ave., Ste. 350
Cleveland, OH 44114

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