Having the right business analytics solution in place is as vital to the overall health of today’s enterprise organization as having air and water are to human beings. Simply put, you just can’t live without it.”

— Malek el Khazen, Senior Certified Solution Architect at Logicalis US


What if you could analyze the data contained in up to 460 billion records in just 0.04 seconds—essentially the speed of thought—on any device, anywhere, anytime?

You can. Find out how.


SAP HANA is an innovative business analytics technology that gives you access to the kind in-depth, meaningful data that it once took hours to capture in just seconds.

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There are a number of SAP HANA appliances available through Logicalis from leading vendors like HP, IBM and Cisco that will meet your company’s unique needs and budget.

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How do you plan to use SAP HANA? Use our SAP HANA Calculator to view your recommended size and sample configurations.

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Our toolkit has some great resources to help answer any questions you might have about SAP HANA. Includes eBook, datasheets, videos and so much more!

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