Mature SaaS Providers

Stay focused on bringing the best possible software to market, while we augment whatever part of the delivery solution you need.

Given the choice, what would you rather do? Spend time implementing new product features...or trying to scale up your infrastructure. Focus on expanding your customer base...or trying to build a world-class IT services team. The answers are a no-brainer for most software providers.

We can help you concentrate on what you do best—application innovation, business growth, and customer support— while we provide you and your customers with world-class cloud infrastructure, Managed Services, and ITSM processes. Logicalis has helped numerous software providers take their existing solutions to the next level. Let us do the same for your organization.

SaaS Optimization

We can help you augment parts of the solution that fall outside your core competency, and then determine services we can provide to optimize the solution. This type of assistance allows you to improve manageability and customer experience with automation, leverage low cost platforms to increase profitability, and go after global markets.

IT Transformation

Logicalis can help you drive transformation by utilizing the mature processes and scalability of enterprise-class software services. We provide Managed Services, Service Desk, and Consulting and Professional Services to help you achieve exceptional service levels, consistent delivery, and customer satisfaction.

Our robust, service management-based processes—15 years in the making—can enhance system availability, while proactively preventing or resolving issues to a degree that would be too difficult or costly for most organizations to provide in-house. We also have core competencies in Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC), automation and orchestration, DevOps and continuous delivery.

High-Quality Business Services

Today’s cloud customers are looking for comprehensive business solutions rather than IT projects. We can show you how to apply ITSM strategies that more readily provide high quality, business-critical services to your customers in a reliable manner. For example, as business users access your Service Desk, an effective solution would combine the understanding of important relationships and dependencies with the actual steps to perform a process (a change order for instance) within a communication framework that facilitates effective collaboration around the task.

Data Center

Rely on our deep data center expertise to help you develop and implement the best possible data center strategy. Drive your infrastructure costs and carbon footprint down, while driving up your manageability, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

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