Vertical Markets

We can help you deploy world-class SaaS applications in line with the specialized needs of your customers’ vertical markets.

Logicalis currently has technology partnerships with more than 100 software providers in many different vertical, and horizontal markets, including the healthcare and financial services industries, marketing and accounting professionals, and companies with large groups of ERP software and IBM Power system users.

Here are two examples of markets we address and what our customers have to say.

Vertical Market — Healthcare

Logicalis has a dedicated Healthcare practice and nearly two decades of experience working with a wide variety of healthcare organizations. We understand your clients, the unique challenges they are facing and what they are looking for from a software provider; and that puts us in a unique position to help you optimize the delivery of your applications.

What our clients say:

"It was a great fit for us organizationally. Logicalis has been everything we thought a cloud provider should be—and more. They’ve been so willing to work with us every step of the way. It’s a great relationship. Logicalis is a true partner."
— Jon Hardenbrook, Technical Product Manager, API Healthcare

"I’m just like my customers. They want a black box solution. They don’t care how it happens. They just want me to get them what they need in the timeframe they need it...Logicalis did [that] for me."
— Mick Kowitz, CTO and Co-Founder, ClinGenuity

Horizontal Market — ERP

Logicalis’ dozen years of experience with managed services and its skill and experience across the IT infrastructure give us insight into the objectives and the challenges of ERP customers. We know they are looking at lower cost ways of doing business, and outsourcing IT support. Our consultative approach allows us to tailor your SaaS solutions and support to your customers’ specific business needs.

What our clients say:

“Being able to offer cloud hosting and managed services gives our customers the choice between owning and managing their own IT infrastructure on premises, or having us handle all of that in the cloud. For us, it’s turned out to be a great way to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.”
— Rick Veague, Chief Technology Officer, IFS North America

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