Communications & Collaboration creates an environment where people can work effectively together anywhere, anytime, in an engaging manner while accommodating the needs of the new workplace.

Unified Communications
Unified communications is not a “nice to have” technology anymore. More vice presidents of sales, CEOs, CIOs and even CFOs are now saying they must have unified communications to stay ahead of their competition. Unified communications supercharges a workforce by facilitating the thousands of daily interactions that doing business requires.

Mobility, single-number reach, presence, unified messaging, wireless, virtual call centers and virtual private networks—these unified communications features have become the tools of every trade.

They improve customer satisfaction by reaching out to new and existing customers, making it so easy and natural for them to do business with you that they would never think about doing business with anyone else.

Collaborative Applications
Many clients also have taken advantage of web conferencing to hold training sessions, project reviews and spontaneous work sessions. A web conferencing solution should provide fully integrated voice, video and web capabilities to make collaboration around the world as spontaneous as gathering around the proverbial office water cooler. Presence-enabled systems let you know where your contacts are at any given time, as well as how best to contact them. Instant messaging lets you interact in real time. Enterprise collaboration platforms provide secure social networking features within the purview of your organization’s policies and procedures.

Video & TelePresence
Video and TelePresence solutions help create face-to-face experiences regardless of location.  Using video technologies, you can share content, create high-quality video recordings and events, consult with experts, and deliver powerful personalized services, across the country or around the globe, for an immersive in-person experience.

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