Don’t be fooled into thinking that IaaS means the environment is managed for you.

Typically, you still need to provide the day-to-day maintenance and management of the infrastructure; the big difference is that you do not own the physical components anymore.

However, there are several managed IaaS offerings available. Managed IaaS is typically an enterprise-class offering delivered as a service to companies looking for highly available infrastructures to support business applications. Managed IaaS offerings should be backed by stringent service-level agreements (SLAs) that ensure your infrastructure will always be available.

When looking for a managed IaaS solution, consider providers who differentiate themselves with an experienced and highly skilled managed services team. They will provide sophisticated ITSM processes, including change management, and a ticketing system to ensure that everything within your IaaS environment is functioning efficiently.

Why Logicalis?

Logicalis provides the following IaaS offerings:

Dedicated Cloud
For corporations needing a dedicated, hosted private cloud, Logicalis Dedicated Cloud provides a single-tenant, controlled, reliable and highly secure cloud solution that is ideal for testing, disaster recovery or mission-critical business applications.

This service provides all of the benefits of a public cloud, but with the security and peace of mind of a private cloud by featuring an environment built on a foundation of industry-leading hardware and software components. With help from our Logicalis experts, you can tailor your environment to meet uptime, security, compliance and performance requirements.

Logicalis Dedicated Cloud provides a secure, high-performance environment to support a variety of mission-critical applications. By turning to this solution, you can ensure best-in-class performance and availability while alleviating the burdens on IT staff and avoiding capital expenses.

The Dedicated Cloud provides:

Enterprise Cloud
The Logicalis Enterprise Cloud is a managed, highly customizable, multi-tiered IaaS. Built on a set of pre-defined services with flexible support levels designed to meet your company’s exact needs, the Enterprise Cloud makes all the benefits of cloud computing and managed services available to you for your infrastructure needs.

We offer two strategically located cloud data center facilities, one in Ohio and one in Arizona, thus allowing you to choose the location that works best for you. The facilities that house the Enterprise Cloud are world-class data centers supported by highly skilled technical personnel. These data centers are engineered with multiple levels of security, uninterruptible power, redundant HVAC systems, fire suppression, and around-the-clock monitoring and management.

However, providing IaaS services in a secure and cost-effective cloud environment is not the end of what we do; it’s just the beginning. Enterprise Cloud includes managed services so you can take a vacation from day-to-day data center management. We draw on more than a decade of experience providing enterprise-class monitoring and management to ensure reliable service 24/7 for the most demanding enterprise applications.

Our IaaS environment currently supports Windows, Linux, AIX, and i5/OS.

On-Demand Cloud
Housed in the same environment as our Enterprise Cloud, the Logicalis On-Demand Cloud environment was designed to provide customizable virtual data centers for your temporary workload needs. With enterprise-class hardware and Tier-III data centers for Windows and Linux applications, this infrastructure as a service offering provides flexible compute, storage, operating system (OS), and bandwidth resources to meet short-term project needs on a pay-as-you-go basis, complete with an online self-service portal and tailored support options in our highly secure cloud.

Our On-Demand Cloud provides a dynamic, yet reliable, infrastructure for companies that need temporary compute resources. Plus, with no requirement for long-term commitment, you can maintain flexibility while benefiting from a rapidly deployable, seamless path to a customized production cloud environment.

On-Demand provides even more flexibility by giving you the ability to back-up and restore your On-Demand environment. Take advantage of add on services including:

Solid State Disk Storage
We offer solid state disk storage as an optional upgrade for our cloud suite of offerings. Our solid state storage solution allows you to run applications in our cloud suite that require high speed, low latency storage. Solid state storage is also encrypted, adding an extra layer of security. This offering is available in the Enterprise, Dedicated and On-Demand Cloud services. It can be utilized on the X86 and AIX platforms.

Cloud Storage for Backup
Cloud Storage for Backup delivers high-performance, industry-leading service that can reduce costs up to 30 percent over using traditional tape back-up. Seamlessly integrate with a cloud storage gateway appliance to your existing backup installation and, within hours, you can begin moving data. Mission, critical data is safely protected and stored off-site. Available as a service, with a monthly subscription, you can have better control of the cost and quality of your back-up solution.

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