In order to effectively manage security and operational risks, it’s necessary to address BYOD from beyond the network.

The Logicalis Mobility Experience is focused on enabling IT departments to evolve their role in providing mobile business strategies. Logicalis Enterprise Mobility combines core technologies from Cisco with MobileIron Mobile Device, Application and Content Management to form a comprehensive, secure BYOD solution for the corporate network and beyond.

Why Logicalis BYOD?

Differentiated BYOD Offering
(based on Cisco BYOD Smart Solution Validated Design architecture)

Flexibility and Responsiveness

People and Experience

International Partner

Our Experience Framework

Logicalis has a clearly defined process that guides customers through the technical, security and policy decisions that need to be considered. These are:

  1. Mobile Use Case – identify business and employee outcomes
  2. Policy – define the rules that make mobility beneficial and secure
  3. Network – right-size capacity to ensure a secure, rich mobile experience
  4. Device – make sure your users can make the most of their devices
  5. Applications – evolve, transition or transform your application delivery
  6. Services – support a new mobile workforce with new cloud and managed services

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