Managed Services gives you 24/7 access to tools, processes, and experienced resources that are often impossible to get on your own.

A Managed Services provider can offer certified professionals who monitor your incidents and manage them through resolution. Most managed services are built on ITSM toolsets that provide automation. If any customer device has an issue, the monitoring tool receives an alarm. The tool compares each issue to the alarm threshold. If the issue meets alarm criteria, a ticket is automatically created in the provider’s ticketing system, and advanced algorithms are applied to ensure efficient automation and prioritization through resolution.  

The best way to determine if Managed Services is right for you is to review some of the most common reasons for implementing this model and see if they apply to you. If you can identify with one or more of the following, there is a good chance that Managed Services can help you.

The cost to manage IT internally is too high.

Communication and collaboration requirements overloading your network?

Logicalis + Cisco Have the Answer
By using Cisco technologies combined with borderless networking solutions from Logicalis, you can simplify network complexity, improve application performance, boost productivity, tighten security, improve management and reduce overall ownership costs for your IT infrastructure.

The Ultimate Connection
Logicalis + Cisco borderless network solutions enable IT to architect and deploy systems and policies efficiently to provide secure, reliable and seamless access to resources from multiple locations, from multiple devices and to applications that can be located anywhere.

Logicalis is among an elite group of partners who have completed the most rigorous Cisco certifications and specializations.

Managed Services – Network Support

Our network support for LAN and WAN devices ensures network availability for all users and locations. Our management services for network devices provide the connectivity you need to keep your business operational. You can expect 24x7 peace of mind as our technicians monitor the following:

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