Risk-aware strategies across the entire attack spectrum

Check the headlines: Cybersecurity horror stories are everywhere. 

Data compromised, business down, brand tarnished, customers angered. That’s because, in today’s Internet of Things era, there’s more data that attackers can’t wait to get their hands on. And more ways to get it, too. Ransomware, malware, viruses—the list is long.

So what can you do to protect your organization?

First, manage risk. Our comprehensive, risk-based approach to security defines strategies using today’s information security frameworks such as CIS 20, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, NIST SP 800 and HITRUST, which can be certified or aligned to your people, processes and technology. These are proven methodologies that provide a framework for managing risk throughout your IT environment and help you find ways to mitigate them cost-effectively.

Then ensure you’re prepared across the entire attack continuum—before, during and after attacks. Logicalis provides smart solutions to today’s increasingly-complex security threats that span this entire spectrum, ensuring your organization is comprehensively protected.

Remember: Security is a process, not a product. Successful security plans require deep insight, regular refinement and application of the appropriate technologies aligned with your business and risk profile.

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Solutions aligned to actual needs

We pride ourselves on working with what you already have in place, and aligning it within a larger strategy that focuses on managing risk to ensure cost-effective and reliable protection.

We can help you protect your organization using a proven risk-evaluation methodology instead of fear-based actions that lead to inappropriately allocated resources. We use proven information security frameworks such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, NIST SP 800 and HITRUST to help you build a certifiable security strategy that’s aligned with your people, processes and technology.

We can help ensure you’re prepared across the entire attack continuum—before, during and after attacks. Our solutions span the entire spectrum.

Before an attack, we help you prepare your infrastructure and organization to respond swiftly and effectively with up-to-the-second threat intelligence. During an attack, we provide real-time assistance in defending your organization. And when it’s over, we can help minimize impact and take steps to protect your organization in the future.

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