Security AssessmentAnalyze your risk to build a smarter security strategy

Chances are, you’re likely overwhelmed by the scope and complexity of ensuring security across the attack spectrum. We can help streamline the process of protecting your organization before, during and after attacks.

We can help identify areas of risk or potential exploitation across the entire spectrum, institute a sound security strategy and deploy necessary security measures to limit exposure and assuage anxiety.

We know you likely already have some security measures in place. That means the cost-effectiveness of our solutions lies heavily on its ability to utilize these components cohesively—or else they’re wasted investments.

We offer a host of assessments and services to simultaneously shore up your security strategy and ensure that peace of mind doesn’t break the bank.

Risk Management Assessment

Systematically review your policies, procedures and security needs to identify priorities and mitigation requirements.

A high level of rigor helps you avoid fragmented and costly point-security solutions, improving overall system resiliency and ensuring a cohesive strategy across all aspects of your IT environment. 

Vulnerability Assessment

Define, identify and classify security vulnerabilities in your IT environment—across the entire attack continuum.

Many organizations, and most regulatory associations, require you to periodically prove that you have taken steps to properly address security requirements.  To ensure their integrity, vulnerability assessments need to be conducted by a third party. Logicalis security experts can help meet this need—but they do much more than simply provide the necessary compliance data. Our experts dive deep to understand the context of your environment, provide information you can use today and deliver advice on what you will need to do tomorrow.

Penetration Test

Simulate an attack on your organization to expose vulnerabilities and validate the strength of your security measures.  Many insurance policies require an annual penetration test.  These tests are also highly effective in measuring the capabilities of your security response team in the event of an (simulated) attack.

Design and Implementation

Develop a comprehensive, entire-continuum security strategy based on your unique IT environment that leverages existing technology and can be implemented in phases. We can assist you in patching and making the necessary upgrades to keep your security protection current.

We can also help you manage and respond to threats in real time with Logicalis Managed Security Services. Click here to learn more.