Managed Security Services

Collaborative and independently validated solutions

Managing a comprehensive security implementation can overwhelm an IT department with a continuous swarm of alerts as threats are identified. We’re happy to step in and share some of the burden—helping free up your IT department for innovation and business priorities.

We take a collaborative approach to security managed services, ensuring that you have the flexibility that your business requires without creating risk or vulnerabilities.

We provide a range of cloud security services for our customers, protecting more than 50,000 end users across 13 countries. The dedicated teams in our Operations and Security Operations Center are available 24x7, no matter where you are in the world.

For example, we can help you respond to alerts more efficiently and effectively by monitoring threat activity and acting as a first responder to decide what’s a real threat and what’s not.

Our managed services are based on strong security procedures that allow us to help our clients meet compliance requirements.

Services we offer include (see sidebar for a more complete listing):

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