Security Architecture

Risk-centric solutions that ensure cost-effectiveness

Our risk-centric approach to security enables us to ensure your security architecture is both well-suited for your needs and cost-effective for your business. You shouldn’t buy a thousand-dollar safe to protect a hundred-dollar bill.

We focus on building a cost-effective architecture that, before an attack occurs, puts your organization in a position to respond rapidly, confidently and effectively.

To do that, you must ensure that all your security technologies work together as a comprehensive solution. When it comes to security, the sum is greater than the parts.

Our approach starts with ensuring the right policies and processes are in place. That way, your first step in the event of an attack won’t be panic—it will be the rapid response required to protect your organization and minimize any negative impact.

To ensure cost-efficiency, we first focus on optimizing your existing architecture investments and finding ways to better protect your organization using what you already have.

We’ve built an architectural approach that helps enable a more proactive model of security, defined by three primary characteristics:

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