Virtualization optimization ensures service levels while maximizing resource usage and compliance.

For organizations grappling with over-provisioned virtual environments that are in desperate need of a tune-up, Logicalis can help. As part of our Virtualization Optimization offering, we leverage several leading software tools that collect data and generate reports to provide details on how you can improve your virtual environment’s efficiency. The tools also help you manage risk and improve your environment’s health. 

“By analyzing reports, we help you identify optimization opportunities and demonstrate the impact of predictive analytics, policy-based automation and unified management.”

This visibility allows you to optimize resource-usage while also proactively ensuring service levels and configuration compliance across your entire virtual environment. Our Virtualization Optimization services also help IT better collaborate with the business when addressing four critical virtualization needs:

Controlling sprawl: Because of the ease with which virtual resources can be created and allocated, IT departments have to guard against virtualization sprawl that creates more virtual machines than needed. To truly optimize your virtualized environment, we help you implement tools that pinpoint sprawl and reclaim virtual resources when they are no longer in use.

Identifying areas for improvement: Optimization dashboards let you oversee your virtual environment on a day-to-day basis, all from a single pane of glass. The dashboards also give you the ability to monitor the effectiveness and the efficiency of your overall IT environment and to better assess the strategies and solutions already in place.

Planning for future capacity requirements: It’s critical to know in advance when you need to add compute and storage resources, especially when it comes to meeting SLAs. It’s just as important to know when to remove resources—to ensure you operate as lean as possible.

Enhancing productivity and efficiency: Once you create a highly-efficient environment, automation is a natural evolutionary step. By automating important processes and creating templates for routine procedures, you ensure best-in-class IT performance while keeping staffing and overhead costs low.

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