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Virtualization Optimization is a critical step in your IT Transformation Journey towards the Software Defined Data Center. We facilitate your journey by helping you design a controllable virtualized environment that produces tangible business benefits. We also show you how to optimize the efficiency, productivity, availability and performance of your virtualized environment—so you can enable your organization to become even more responsive and agile.

The best way to begin your Software Defined Data Center journey is with a Logicalis Virtualization Optimization Workshop, a 4-6 week program that utilizes the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. We install the software as a 60-day trial to monitor your environment’s performance, collect data, and then present to you with a personalized Virtualization Optimization Analysis Report.

The report shows you how you can increase your virtual environment efficiency, manage risk, and improve your environment’s overall health. This visibility allows you to proactively ensure service levels, optimize resource usage, and ensure configuration compliance in all of your virtual and cloud environments.

What to Expect

The report shows results based on the data that has been collected and analyzed by our vCenter Operations Team. We then identify optimization opportunities that you can capitalize on immediately. We also show you the impact of predictive analytics, policy-based automation and unified management on your virtual environment.

All Logicalis Virtualization Optimization Workshops are conducted at no cost to you. The services for assessment, design, build and operate are then priced based on the defined scope of the project.

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