David Leech

Vice President of Professional and Managed Services

David Leech joined Logicalis in April 2015 and is now Vice President of Professional and Managed Services. In this role, David oversees Logicalis’ US technical delivery teams which provide a broad array of transformational, outsourced and technical services for a global client base, including security, IaaS cloud, collaboration, service desk, on-site staffing as well as remote infrastructure management services for monitoring, network, collaboration, compute, database, and storage technologies. David is currently extending managed security and cloud operations capabilities across traditional co-location, on-premise and public cloud providers and enabling his clients to gain the benefit of heterogeneous hybrid delivery models.

A proactive and energetic IT security executive with extensive technical and business skills, David excels at building high-performance teams to deliver secure and high availability business systems that grow revenue and improve profitability while reducing risk through the implementation of active risk management and enhanced cyber security systems. 

At the core of David’s philosophy is the need to align IT with business needs to drive revenue and profit.  His recent work has focused on the use of no-operations, end-to-end networking and DevOps principles to revolutionize infrastructure and application support for cloud operations. By moving an organization from a technology siloed mentality to one focused on end-to-end service and product portfolios, David helps clients improve security, time to market, agility, transparency, and system quality while remembering the basics of continuous improvement, cost optimization, service levels, and program management.

Before joining Logicalis, David served as Vice President of Service Delivery for Reed Elsevier of Miamisburgh, Ohio. He also held several delivery and consulting positions at Accenture including Infrastructure and Program Director.  Prior to that David served in the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force as a Communications and Information Technology Officer for 21 years and was deployed in Iraq during the Gulf War in 2003 as Head of Engineering and later as Head of Communications within the interim government for Iraq.

David graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in electronic and communications engineering. He received a BA in Social Studies and Economics from The Open University and holds a Master of Information Systems and Telecommunications from the University of Essex.

David also holds the following certifications:

David is married and lives with his family in the greater Cincinnati area.  When not working, spending time with his family or maintaining his home, he is an avid back country skier and white water enthusiast. If you are ever rafting the Gauley River in West Virginia, you will likely see him honing his kayaking skills there.

Topics of Expertise

  1. Cloud, continuous Ops and DevOps.
  2. IT strategy, product management, governance, operating models, and service catalogs.
  3. IT security, service architecture, control frameworks, technology, process, metrics, and audit. 
  4. Technical thought leadership for business-enabling technologies.