Mike Johnson

Director of Technical Sales

As Logicalis Director of Technical Sales, Mike Johnson is responsible for managing a team of pre-sales engineers focused on the development and design of unified communications and networking, security and Data Center solutions. Mike and his team work primarily with Core partners such as Cisco, HP, IBM and VMware. Mike also assists as an advisor on complex cross-practice projects by Logicalis that involve networking and other technologies.

"Mobile, Cloud, SaaS, Security and Software-Defined trends has focused a lot of attention on the need for organizations to provide their employees access to the information they need to do their jobs from wherever they are with whatever device they choose," Mike says. "That's what our technical sales team is all about. We make sure the right people have appropriate access to the information they need as securely and efficiently as possible."

Mike's title has changed over the years, but he has been in a director's role at Logicalis since 2010. Prior to that he was a network/security architect for Logicalis Managed Services.

Mike has a 16-year track record of successful management of go-to-market strategies, customer solution design, implementation and pre/post sales support in the managed services, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

Mike actually came to Logicalis from Premier Health Partners (PHP), the largest hospital system in Dayton, OH. "I was a satisfied customer of Logicalis managed services, and I decided I wanted to work for a company like that." Before PHP, Mike was associate network engineer at Standard Register Company, in Dayton.

Topics of Expertise