ISVs and the Software Revolution White Paper

ISVs and the Software Revolution White Paper

Its a pivotal moment for the software industry.

Software providers face technological and operational hurdles when adopting SaaS. Here’s what to do to overcome them.

A tidal wave of market forces is shaking up the software industry. Traditional software
providers and nascent startups alike are breaking the mold to innovative their businesses from
the ground up. They are tweaking and rethinking everything from software delivery methods
and pricing to user experience and go-to-market strategies. The not-so-secret sauce? Services delivered from the cloud.

In this white paper...

We explore the unique needs of software providers that are in the process of adopting SaaS solutions. We explain how a partner can help the ISV overcome many of their challenges, the key issues with SaaS adoption, the stages of SaaS evolution, and the essential elements of SaaS solutions. We then provide case studies of ISVs that successfully deployed SaaS solutions.

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