2013 Report - Embracing a New IT Reality?

CIO Pressures and Priorities

In summary:

In the wake of the global financial crisis and driven by a combination of cost pressure and competitiveness, the relationship between businesses and IT is changing, and it is changing quickly.

The business value derived from investments in IT is under scrutiny more than ever before. Technology is no longer an essential cost center – it is increasingly viewed as a business enabler and a key contributor to competitiveness, and its value is measured accordingly.

As a result, the pressure is on to align IT ever more closely with business strategies and goals. It must be optimized to deliver clear return on investment, it must support the business agility that is so vital to competitiveness, and it must support the disparate and sometimes conflicting demands of a wide range of business functions.

But what does all this mean for CIOs and IT Directors the world over?

This report reveals key findings from a global study that set out to answer that question and more.

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