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Learn from industry leaders about advances in IoT and data analytics.

The IoT Trojectory is a Logicalis Insights podcast series hosted by Mike Trojecki, Vice President of IoT and Analytics for Logicalis US. Scroll down for the latest episodes or start from the beginning.

Season 2

S2 Episode 2:
Thermal Detection Monitoring for COVID-19

S2 Episode 1:
Interview with Esteban Rubens, Healthcare AI, NetApp

Season 1

S1 Episode 18:
Interview with Caroline Hilla, Host of Cisco Manufacturing Leaders

Episode 17:
Driving Positive Outcomes through Robust Customer Experience

Episode 16:
What Makes ASU the Most Innovative School in the U.S.

Episode 15:
Using Data for Good

Episode 14:
Smart Regions and Their Impact

Episode 13:
The Value of Partnerships in an IoT World

Episode 12:
Interview with Ed Jones, IBM Analytics

Episode 11:
Interview with Mayor Eugene Grant on Smart Small Cities

Episode 10:
IoT Trends with IIOT World

Episode 9:
At the Edge of IoT with HPE

Episode 8:
Bridging Tech & Non-Tech in the IOT World

Episode 7:
IoT-Based Cities

Episode 6:
5 Ways to Avoid Screwing Up IoT Projects

Episode 5:
IoT and the Cloud

Episode 4:
IoT and Security

Episode 3:
IoT Analytics and AI in Business

Episode 2:
IoT Trends in Healthcare

Episode 1:
Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom


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