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IoT Trojectory: A Logicalis IoT Podcast Series

Learn from industry leaders about advances in IoT and data analytics.

The IoT Trojectory is an IoT podcast series hosted by Mike Trojecki, Vice President of IoT and Analytics for Logicalis US.


Current Episode Summaries

Episode 1: Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

Episode 1: Artificial Intelligence in Education (10:58)

Education space in the classroom. Artificial intelligence and deep learning is really changing the way teachers are going to educate our students. In this episode, we are going to talk about a survey we did where we asked teachers across the nation about what they thought about advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and how it will help them teach our children.

Episode 2: IoT Trends in Healthcare (13:00)

Healthcare-related IoT solutions are becoming more and more prevalent with some organizations rapidly embracing the collection of data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. In this episode, Mike Riley, Healthcare Practice Leader for Logicalis US will discuss the IoT and analytics trends that are occurring in healthcare.

Episode 3: IoT Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Business

Episode 3: IoT Analytics and AI in Business (16:13)

It is widely expected that between 70 and 80 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2025 with an enormous amount of data generated that organizations will use to improve transportation, communications, healthcare, manufacturing, and to enable smart cities. IBM has been one of the global companies leading the IoT analytics and artificial intelligence revolution. In this episode, Mike talks with the senior founding leader and general manager of IBM’s Internet of Things division, Chris O’Connor.

Episode 4: IoT and Security

Episode 4: IoT and Security (18:56)

The proliferation of the Internet of Things has changed the way humans and machines interact with each other. And although there are tremendous benefits associated with the Internet of Things, we have opened up organizations to a new threat landscape. The threat is real but can be addressed if security is top of mind during the ideation phase of IoT projects. To help us explore and understand more about the threats and how to protect against them is guest Ron Temske, VP of Security, Networking and Collaboration at Logicalis.

Episode 5: IoT and the Cloud

Episode 5: IoT and the Cloud (11:41)

Public, Private and Hybrid cloud have been in the spotlight for over a decade. The emergence of Google, Amazon, Azure and IBM clouds have forever changed the way we will communicate, store and use data. Every company today is a technology company that happens to be in a specific vertical like manufacturing or healthcare. The cloud has changed the way these companies compete. Together with Cloud, the Internet of Things is giving corporations anywhere and anytime access to data. The role that cloud plays can be complex. Join our guest “The Professor”, Walt Braeger, VP of Cloud at Logicalis who will help us understand the role of the cloud in the Internet of Things.

Episode 6: 5 Ways to Avoid Screwing Up IoT Projects

Episode 6: 5 Ways to Avoid Screwing Up IoT Projects (8:02)

IoT has been one of the most talked about topics of the last couple of years. Despite all that talk, a lot of organizations are still reluctant to invest in IoT technologies and IoT initiatives. Why? Those projects have had historically high failure rates and wind up being cast off as science projects. In this episode, Mike Trojecki talks about 5 ways to avoid screwing up IoT projects and realize the value that IoT projects can bring to your organization.

Episode 7: IOT-Based Cities

Episode 7: IOT-Based Cities (16:41)

One of the biggest buzz phrases right now is smart cities. IDC is predicting that the global smart cities market will reach a $158 billion by 2022, from Smart parking to traffic and transportation management, and smart waste management. There's no shortage of IOT solutions available to local and state governments, but do these solutions make a city a smart city or are they simply solving a specific business problem? Joining this podcast to discuss this topic and others around smart cities is Adam Petrovsky, vice president of government and education at Logicalis.

Episode 8: Bridging Tech & Non-Tech in  the IOT World

Episode 8: Bridging Tech & Non-Tech in the IOT World (15:41)

Things, connectivity and platforms are what drive IOT, and we need to move to a solutions management view if we're going to advance The Internet of Things. At Logicalis we believe in a partner-first mentality, and have built out an ecosystem of hardware, software, services and consulting partners with our own IOT experts to deliver solutions that are secure, reliable, manageable, and scalable. Joining this podcast is Chris Wolff, Head of Global OEM and IOT Partnerships for Dell Technologies.

Episode 9: At the Edge of IOT with HPE

Episode 9: At the Edge of IOT with HPE (19:56)

Edge computing has become one of the hottest topics in the Internet of Things, and while the Cloud continues to dominate most IT conversations, people are beginning to realize that the Cloud isn't just about cost savings, but IT efficiency and agility. In this podcast, we're going to explore how Edge Computing is helping to address those issues by enabling decision-making at the Edge, rather than sending large amounts of data to the Cloud for processing. Our guest today to discuss IOT and Edge Computing is Tripp Partain, CTO of Converged Servers Edge and IOT systems at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

Episode 10: IoT Trends with IIOT World

Episode 10: IoT Trends with IIOT World (19:22)

The industrial internet of things will revolutionize how we manufacture products, communicate with the world around us, and keep industrial employees and citizens safer. It will enable data to be used in ways to reduce risk, improve revenue, and reduce costs. In this episode, Mike Trojecki is joined by Lucian Fogoros, co-founder of IIOT World, the first digital publication focused 100 percent on the industrial IOT. In just nine months, IIOT World became the No. 1 global influencer on topics such as industrial IOT, smart manufacturing, ICS security, SCADA, predictive analytics and maintenance. Mike and Lucian discuss major IoT trends and what we can expect to see in 2019 and beyond.

Episode 11: Interview with Mayor Eugene Grant on Smart Small Cities

Episode 11: Interview with Mayor Eugene Grant on Smart Small Cities (18:00)

Previously on the IoT Trojectory, we debated what makes a city a Smart City. The case for the digitization of government has been touted as being able to reduce fatalities by improving public safety, improving the efficiency of government, reducing crime, connecting citizens, better educating students, and reducing the overall cost of living. Today we're excited to have Mayor Eugene Grant of Seat Pleasant, Maryland. The city of Seat Pleasant, a bedroom community bordering Washington DC, serves as a major Transportation Hub in the DC Metro area, and is regarded as the world's first smart small city.

Episode 10: IoT Trends with IIOT World

Episode 12: Interview with Ed Jones, IBM Analytics (28:38)

In today's world asset management is not simply about the tracking of the asset but determining the health and performance of the asset. From this information, we can identify ways to lower costs, improve revenue, and reduce risk. The ubiquitous connectivity between devices and platforms has given us access to information previously unavailable. IBM has been leading in enterprise asset management for years. With its maximal platform, it provides asset health insights, visual insights, acoustic insights through Mahi or Maximo asset health insights. With us today is Ed Jones, lead product designer and architect for IBM analytics.

Episode 13: The Value of Partnerships in an IoT World

Episode 13: The Value of Partnerships in an IoT World (7:33)

For over 15 years, Mike Trojecki has championed the cause of partner to partner relationships in the VAR and integrator world. As you can imagine those relationships are difficult because of the competitive nature of the IT Market. In this episode, Mike discusses the value of partnerships in an IoT Word.

Episode 14: Smart Regions and Their Impact

Episode 14:Smart Regions and Their Impact (30:38)

Smart regions connect multiple municipalities, counties, and cities, allowing for us to protect our citizens, improve how we manage our environment, conduct research, educate workforces, and use technology for these cities to be smarter. Find out about their impact in this episode.

Episode 15: Using Data for Good

Episode 15: The Value of Partnerships in an IoT World (22:13)

Typically, on the IoT Trojectory, we talk about the future of the Internet of Things and using data for good. In this episode, we'll focus on how technology can be used to solve social problems in the United States and across the globe. Joining Mike will be Daniel Stewart, US Air Force veteran; Former Mayor of Plattsburgh, New York; Chairman and Commissioner for State New York Commission of Corrections; and currently, Cisco Systems Senior Advisor for Smart and Connected Communities.

Episode 16: What Makes ASU the Most Innovative School in the US

Episode 16:What Makes ASU the Most Innovative School in the U.S. (26:04)

A few weeks ago, Arizona State University (ASU) was named the Most Innovative School in the United States for the fifth straight year in a row. In this episode, we’ll talk with Dr. Timothy Summers, Executive Director of Cloud and Advanced Network Engineering Services at ASU. Dr. Summers is an ethical hacker, professor, media commentator, Ted speaker, and internationally recognized as one of the world's leading experts on cyber strategy, blockchain, normal chaos, and how hackers think.

Episode 17: Driving Positive Outcomes through Robust Customer Experience

Episode 17: Driving Positive Outcomes through Robust Customer Experience (27:07)

The Internet of Things, AI, and Blockchain bring exciting new world of connected devices, new advances in medicine, using data to help end homelessness and battle addiction. In this episode, we have an opportunity to speak with one of the industry leaders in driving positive outcomes through a robust customer experience. Joining us is Joseph Bradley, Global Vice President and General Manager for IoT, AI, and Incubation Technologies at Cisco Systems.

Episode 18: Interview with Caroline Hilla, Host of Cisco Manufacturing Leaders

Episode 18:Interview with Caroline Hilla, Host of Cisco Manufacturing Leaders (24:12)

All too often, the networks that connect machines, sensors, people, and data together are unmanaged, outdated, and pose a significant security risk. The sheer amount of IoT and AI technology providers is so massive that it makes it hard to identify where to start and how to start. In this episode, Mike is joined by Caroline Hilla, marketing coordinator on Cisco's global industries team responsible for planning, strategy, and execution of customer-driven content from manufacturing industry solutions.

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