6 Mobility Requirements for Your Infrastructure

After virtualization, cloud computing may be the next logical step for many enterprise organizations. What savvy CIOs are looking for today is a roadmap with clear directions on how to get there.

Unified Communications is a commercial imperative. In tomorrow’s workplace, your people will struggle to perform and compete without the collaborative capability that it delivers. How can you be sure your IT infrastructure is ready for new connectivity, tools and business processes? It all starts with a plan, and the time to start planning for tomorrow’s workplace is today. 

6 Critical Requirements IT Organizations Must Meet to Ensure Tomorrow’s Success

  1. Ensure Consistent Quality with QoS Measures: Tomorrow’s workforce demands anytime, anyplace connectivity with uninterrupted access to networks, applications and data. Your provider should deliver the Quality of Service (QoS) capability you need to achieve 100% reliability.

  2. Shore Up Your Security Policy: Tomorrow’s workplace will open the gates to an array of new security challenges. Outsiders will bring wireless devices into your network, and inside users will take your network outside your domain. To secure your network from the inside and the outside, you must have the right tools and expertise. 

  3. Build Up Your Bandwidth: Your network needs to handle ever higher resolutions, volumes and user expectations – and the demand will only get higher. Delivering a network that’s highly capable, totally reliable and impressively fast is critical.

  4. Deliver Constant Wireless Access: Work is no longer a place—it’s an activity. Wherever your people go, they expect their workplace to go with them. Fast, reliable wireless access isn’t a bonus, it’s a commercial necessity. With or without plugs, people need to be constantly connected. 

  5. Manage BYOD Effectively: Tomorrow’s workplace will continue to communicate and collaborate with an ever-changing array of devices. You never know what device people will choose to use in the workplace, so the ability to allow people to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a must. Your infrastructure needs to be ready to support whatever devices tomorrow’s workforce chooses whenever they choose to work with you.

  6. Provide Consistent Experience Worldwide: Your people expect to have consistent tools, technologies and standards of service. A unified global infrastructure for your business needs to be delivered wherever you are in the world and wherever your people need to work.

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