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Modern Data Center

S1:E14 — HPE Nimble dHCI + Logicalis

S1:E13 — HPE Edge-to-Cloud Strategy + Logicalis

S1:E12 — Simplifying Hybrid IT with HPE + Logicalis

S1:E11 — NetApp ONTAP 9: Don't Let the Cloud Feel like a Rubik’s Cube You Can't Solve

S1:E10 — Better Protection of your Office 365 Data with Logicalis and Veeam

S1:E9 — Demystifying the Hybrid Cloud with Logicalis and VMware

S1:E8 — The Financial Approach and Benefits of HPE GreenLake

S1:E7 — A Look into HPE GreenLake Central for Management and Monitoring

S1:E6 — A General Overview of the HPE GreenLake Offering and Logicalis

S1:E5 — Leveraging On-Premise Consumption IT

S1:E4 — Storage Modernization with Data Protection and GreenLake

S1:E3 — AI in Manufacturing

S1:E2 — AI in Healthcare

S1:E1 — Modernizing the DC with HPE Greenlake

Simply Secure

S1:E7 — Identity and Access Management

S1:E6 — Passwordless Authentication

S1:E5 — Threat Hunting

S1:E4 — Zero Trust Part 2

S1:E3 — Zero Trust Part 1

S1:E2 — Cybersecurity Awareness Month

S1:E1 — Introduction to the Simply Secure Podcast


About our podcasts

Modern Data Center is a Logicalis Insights podcast series hosted by the subject matter experts (SMEs) at Logicalis US and covers topics including modernizing the data center with HPE Greenlake, advanced storage and data protection solutions and adapting to IT growth with data center innovation.

Simply Secure is a Logicalis Insights podcast series hosted by Ron Temske, Vice President of Cybersecurity at Logicalis. In each episode, Ron and other SMEs will dissect a security topic and make it simple; hence, the name of the podcast - Simply Secure.