Logicalis US Asks CIOs Are You a Business Enabler or an IT Roadblock

Solution Provider IDs Five Ways to Use ITSM to Increase Business Intelligence, Smooth IT Service Delivery 

NEW YORK, June 23, 2015 – For a long time, IT was often separated from the rest of the business by technical jargon, big equipment on raised floors and blinking lights in a back room.  Today, however, IT pros are struggling with a new reality – the need to align IT initiatives with business priorities. Fortunately, says Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (www.us.logicalis.com), IT service management (ITSM) provides the tools they need to do just that in new and inventive ways many IT pros haven’t thought of before.

“Today’s CIOs need to see themselves as business enablers,” says Chris Gordon, ITSM Managing Consultant, Logicalis US. “They need the intelligence and information to create a catalog of services and map the relationships and dependencies between business-critical applications and IT infrastructure that will allow them to quickly examine and respond to line-of-business service requests. ITSM tools provide the answer. ITSM isn’t just for managing IT anymore; these tools now go far beyond that.  They’re designed to manage enterprise services across a portfolio of organizational needs and, with some basic customization, can be used in new and innovative ways that even the most creative IT pros might never have considered.”

Five Innovative Ways to Use ITSM

  1. Creating a map: ITSM can create a map of critical services that the business relies on, the infrastructure and support IT provides, and what else IT could offer to enhance those services. So, rather than being focused solely on the technology, IT pros can become more of a broker of services by defining, mapping, and ultimately providing all the services the organization needs.
  2. Automating request fulfillments or restoration of services: Through the use of orchestration and automation, ITSM can be used to streamline the monitoring and fulfillment of requests and to deliver services or recover from outages faster.  Imagine you have a monitoring tool watching a server. The server goes down, triggering an error code; a predesigned workflow identified with that code implements a script to remediate the issue – a completely automated process created through the use of ITSM toolsets.
  3. Accommodating both traditional and Agile projects: Whether a project manager is employing waterfall or Agile methodologies, IT can use ITSM tools to support the management of either process.
  4. Providing a service catalog: Business users want a consumer-like experience with IT.  Using ITSM, the technology department can provide a self-service IT portal or a catalog of services from which business users can choose the IT services and solutions they need.
  5. Meeting compliance requirements: ITSM can help technology pros centralize compliance and audit requirements into a governance risk and compliance (GRC) solution to make audits go faster and stay current with the growing numbers of compliance requirements.

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