Implementing a new data storage device is only half of the equation to a storage solution.

It is critical companies maintain visibility and provisioning of resources in order for the system to operate efficiently and cost effectively. There are countless tools available to support teams to monitor and manage storage systems. Finding and retaining the staff to handle these tools is the real challenge for most organizations.

Examples of types of storage management tools:

Why Logicalis Data Storage?

Logicalis data storage services provide a comprehensive solution that aligns your storage, technology and business objectives. Our approach includes strategic planning, problem solving and the identification of complementary product and service offerings. We integrate these alongside your data storage to generate cost savings, enhance agility and create a competitive edge for your organization.

Our approach represents a new, holistic way of thinking about data storage that focuses on what matters most: your business goals. And our experts are ready to put it to work for you today.

The keys to proper technology execution are simple: knowledge and resources

Data Storage Service Offerings

Cloud Storage for Backup
Cloud Storage for Backup delivers high-performance, industry-leading service that can reduce costs up to 30 percent over using traditional tape back-up. Seamlessly integrate with a cloud storage gateway appliance to your existing backup installation and, within hours, you can begin moving data. Mission, critical data is safely protected and stored off-site. Available as a service, with a monthly subscription, you can have better control of the cost and quality of your back-up solution.

Cloud Storage for Backup comes with everything you need to get started.  Your monthly cost includes architecting the correct solution for your backup needs and monitoring and management of the appliance.  Installation and setup of the appliance, connectivity, and configuration will be charged a flat one-time fee.  You can also enhance the solution by adding back-up managed services for a complete end-to-end solution. Learn more.

Data Life Cycle Management
The core challenge when dealing with storage is proper use of technology assets to cost-effectively satisfy business requirements for data performance, availability and durability. Logicalis offers a wide array of storage solutions, with services to fit any organization’s needs.

Increasing VM Density
It is common for the backup needs of a VM implementation to drive its storage design and density limits. Increased VM density, volatility and mobility also increase strain on administrators, furthering the need for automated storage allocation and assignment—or, in other words, the necessity of treating the VM/storage relationship as a cloud. Logicalis will work closely with your team to properly plan and execute a virtualization storage solution to transform your organization’s infrastructure and provide measurable ROI.

Storage Systems (NAS/SAN/Cloud)
Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions are the primary building blocks of most storage strategies. Logicalis can help you assess your long-term objectives (scale up, scale out, archive) and storage method (file, block, object) to best meet your business requirements.

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Data Protection
Ensuring that an organization’s valuable data is not only protected but also available for quick recovery is a major concern for IT. Logicalis offers a range of solutions and services that provide cost effective DR and data protection options. Services such as DR as a Service (DRaaS) offer the ability to protect your data while transitioning to an efficient, predictable operational expense model that avoids unwieldy capital outlays.

Our Data Storage Process

Logicalis utilizes a four-step process to develop targeted data storage solutions that align with business goals more deeply than other cookie-cutter offerings. We revisit each phase of the process as changes occur to make sure our efforts stay on the right track. 

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