Cloud Storage for Backup

Move Your Back-up to the cloud…without changing existing configurations.

Cloud Storage for Backup delivers high-performance, industry-leading service that can reduce costs up to 30 percent over using traditional tape back-up. Seamlessly integrate with a cloud storage gateway appliance to your existing backup installation and, within hours, you can begin moving data. Mission, critical data is safely protected and stored off-site. Available as a service, with a monthly subscription, you can have better control of the cost and quality of your back-up solution.

Cloud Storage for Backup comes with everything you need to get started.  Your monthly cost includes architecting the correct solution for your backup needs and monitoring and management of the appliance.  Installation and setup of the appliance, connectivity, and configuration will be charged a flat one-time fee.  You can also enhance the solution by adding back-up managed services for a complete end-to-end solution.

Industry-Leading Protection for Your Data

Cloud Storage for Backup combines industry-leading compression, deduplication, encryption and WAN acceleration with highly scalable, reliable, fast and affordable cloud storage to deliver the performance you are used to on-site, without changing your existing backup installation. Simply point the appliance to the target backup application, and Cloud Storage for Backup manages the deduplication, encryption and transmission of data to the cloud.  No changes to jobs, policies or schedules are required.

High-Speed, Cost-Efficient Performance

Optimized for enterprise workloads, Cloud Storage for Backup de-duplicates, compresses, encrypts and replicates data to cloud storage, lowering costs by up to 30 percent over disk- or tape-based systems. Data sets are compressed by 10x to 30x, on average, to speed transmission and reduce storage costs. With zero-configuration and an easy deployment, often within hours, you can begin moving data to our cloud storage immediately. No more management of tapes, not only does this reduce capital costs and overhead, it keeps you focused on higher priority projects that more directly impact the core business.

Fast Recovery & Superior Business Continuity

Cloud Storage for Backup not only protects vital data, it ensures IT continuity with fast recovery in case of data loss. A seamless connection between your backup solution and our cloud services helps you to store and restore datasets with the most recent, most accessed data cached locally for fast restores. In case of disaster, our fully redundant data storage infrastructure allows you to safely and securely retrieve any amount of data, anytime—and from anywhere on the Web.

End-to-End, Enterprise-Class Data Security

Cloud Storage for Backup uses advanced, end-to-end data security with built-in redundancy to ensure that your valuable business data is protected at all times. Data is encrypted and stored both in the local cache and in the cloud. During transmission, data is secured using industry-standard SSL v3 while, at rest, data is protected using advanced AES 256-bit encryption.

Encryption keys are kept safely within the data center, but you can quickly restore data to any location. No physical transportation of data is required. These stringent measures reduce the risk of data loss due to theft, error or disaster.

Key Benefits

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