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DevOps and Automation

The movement of workloads to the cloud has generated new requirements for responsiveness and repeatability. Many IT departments have migrated to the cloud in the same manner that they ran IT on-premise for the past 20 years. In this new era of micro services, automated testing, and infrastructure as code, IT’s success depends on its ability to work with stakeholders and adapt to changing requirements while maintaining reliable and automated results. DevOps and Automation are key to meeting these new expectations, but their success depends on a different approach and a change in culture.

Those who transition to the DevOps model and collaborate to integrate development and IT operations can rapidly pull away from their competitors in today’s fast-paced market.


  • Confidence due to repeatable, controlled deployment process.
  • Features released sooner due to shorter release cycles.
  • Less bugs thanks to the elimination of manual errors and configuration drift.
  • Get it right the first time and have a higher quality that’s based on increased test coverage.
Keys to Success

Keys to Success

When moving to an integrated DevOps model, the biggest change is often a cultural one. These guidelines will help you stay on the right track:

Speed Releases Stay focused on the continuous delivery of applications and stop focusing on IT infrastructure and management.

Automated ProcessesStop building environments and executing tests manually; use an automated, continuous integration process instead.

Remove IT BarriersAccelerate provisioning by using a templated catalog to build test and production environments.

Accelerate TestingInstead of relying on lengthy and time-consuming waterfall methods,design and build smaller pieces of functionality to test large systems.

Test First, Not LastWrite automated test cases prior to building code.

Plan AheadBuild a culture where developers and IT operators collaborate throughout a process. Determine what infrastructure your application will need before the developers finish.

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