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IoT and Analytics

When the topic of IoT comes up in daily conversation, most people envision their smart watches, home thermostats or maybe even their refrigerator. These consumer technologies have sparked ideas and pushed forward many digital transformation agendas. The business world is looking at how they can leverage IoT devices, data management, governance, and analytics for digital transformation. This movement is not as easy as it might seem.  Traditional technology platforms and skills can quickly get in the way of progress.

Navigating the complex landscape of IoT and Analytics technology providers can be overwhelming. The key is mapping ideation to your key performance indicators. This will quickly narrow the focus and encourage companywide participation. Most find the biggest challenge to be researching how these new technologies will affect their current infrastructure, culture, and the overall business. Logicalis provides consulting services to assist with digital transformation roadmaps that can position you as the disruptor or help you avoid being disrupted.


  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Better decision making
  • Boosted productivity
  • Improved employee relations and retention
  • Increased business opportunity
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Better understanding of customer behavior
  • Prevented work disruptions
IoT and Analytics Solutions

IoT and Analytics Solutions


Industrial Network Readiness Assessment
Before pursuing any modernization or digital initiative, it is critical to understand the state of an industrial network, the flow of data on the network, any potential issues, and the security implications. The Logicalis Industrial Network Readiness Assessment addresses all of these areas and helps draw a roadmap for success.

Logicalis will conduct an on-site assessment of a plant or factory's operational technology (OT) network to address the following:

Industrial Asset Health Monitoring
The Logicalis Industrial Asset Health Management solution increases operational efficiency by improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and uptime via predictive maintenance as well as enhancing plant-wide visibility. The solution reduces risk by decreasing equipment downtime and improving employee safety.

The Logicalis Industrial Asset Health Management solution leverages a combination of sensor and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) data to monitor and predict plant, product, manufacturing, and supply chain failures. The solution engagement is as follows:

Healthcare Clinical Asset Tracking
The Logicalis Healthcare Clinical Asset Tracking solution increases operational efficiency by providing improved asset utilization and streamlining clinical workflows. The solution also reduces costs by increasing staff efficiency.

The Logicalis Healthcare Clinical Asset Tracking solution leverages a combination of hardware and software to accurately track clinical assets such as infusion (IV) pumps, heart monitors, beds, and wheelchairs. The solution includes the following:

Our Approach

Logicalis is ready to explore with you how you can take advantage of IoT and Analytics driven solutions. Our consultative approach, delivered through workshops and assessments, will guide you to solutions that can have real business impact.



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