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Service Management

Most companies have some level of service management in place. It could be a help desk ticketing system, monitoring solution(s), or a full-fledged IT service management platform. The real question is: do they have a plan for service management that brings everything together? The secret is building upon established services and developing a strategy to manage IT services that drives positive business results.

Digital business disruption continues to impact business and in turn is increasing the demands placed upon IT professionals. The challenge to be nimble, agile, efficient (less costly), and effective (more valuable) while aligning to these rapidly changing demands is daunting. Solutions come from every angle, and if an IT team is unable to respond, it is soon left behind in the technical debt scrapheap in favor of new and flashy shadow IT.

Taking a holistic approach to managing services and delivering business value is at the very core of implementing and maintaining a service management strategy. To be respected by the business and its customers, IT service providers must demonstrate the ability to provide quality and timely services that support business outcomes.

The Business Benefits

Enabling IT to become a value-added business partner

Automating standard processes

Improving customer experience

Streamline business expansion, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Delivering governance and accelerating the maturity of IT services

The Logicalis Approach

The Logicalis Approach

We help customers develop their vision, strategy and roadmap for service management. We do this through interviews, assessments, workshops.  We embrace a common consulting methodology offering a framework of repeatable structure and prescribed set of activities and tasks that will be undertaken in a systematic order to ensure high quality success. We also keep an eye to the culture and maturity of processes to help ensure that upon implementation, the service management strategy can be supported not only by the platform, but by the service organization to achieve expectations.

More Efficient & Effective Delivery Model
We take a very structured approach to the execution, implementation and configuration of the vision, strategy and roadmap.  To support this consistent and repeatable process, Logicalis has developed processes, toolsets, design documents and project plans to ensure that implementation and approach are aligned with the stated goals.  Our proven methodology insures execution focused on business outcomes with significant gains in growth and efficiency. 

Higher Quality and Consistency
Along with standard design documents, Logicalis has pre-developed workflows and processes based upon our experience and best practices.  The design documents are used to finalize requirements and identify any changes to the standard workflows and process that might be required.  Logicalis will develop and maintain specific standard workflows, processes, code and design documents to be used in the same manner for the implementation of each project phase.

Greater Communications
Logicalis emphasizes effective communications during execution and implementation to ensure higher quality and velocity of delivery.  Our team consist of business focused consultants with a deep technical understanding of the platform.  Logicalis’ goal is to meet as many requirements with standard functionality of the platform as possible and provide a standard approach to configuration and coding necessary to meet the remaining requirements.