Dwight Goble

Microsoft Architect

Dwight Goble helps Logicalis customers get their arms around the cloud in very specific and tangible ways. He helps them understand how private, public and hybrid cloud models and their associated technologies can provide the perfect environment for a variety of enterprise needs, including application delivery for end-user computing, application development and disaster recovery (DR).

Dwight starts by understanding exactly what it is his customers want to achieve, "I want to understand the client's application stack. What apps are running? What platforms are they operating? Are they using Oracle, SAP or IBM? Is there an ERP application in use? What are they using for application delivery to end users? What platform are they using for application development? This is all important to me as I sit down to help customers figure out things like web-enablement or how they can deliver their applications to mobile devices."

Increasingly, Dwight finds, the end-user experience is driving cloud adoption. "Customers are asking, 'How are we delivering data and customer experience to multiple end-user device types? What are the end-user needs?' This helps me develop a strategy to get them onto a cloud-based system that works for their end-users' needs."

One important area where Dwight focuses is disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). He helps customers develop a strategy of recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) that enables an organization to store and recover critical data in stages. This reduces downtime and schedules data and application recovery from the most critical to the least critical necessary to operate the business.

"Today's businesses, regardless of size, are so IT-dependent that the loss of a day's technology availability could mean the loss of significant revenue or even jeopardize the entire business," says Dwight.

Dwight says that he's a geek from way back. He served in the US Army as a special electronics repairman for complex detection systems and then in corporate life as a field engineer and PC team technician working and leading technical teams in deploying and supporting Netware networking environments, servers, workstations, peripherals and networking infrastructure. He joined Logicalis in 2001. Dwight is a father and avid golfer, hiking enthusiast and old-school (non-computer) gamer.

Topics of Expertise

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