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In today's episode Andrew Hertenstein and Tony Fischer from Logicalis talk about the benefits, drivers and misconceptions of Microsoft CSP and the New Commerce Experience (NCE). Tony and Andrew will help listeners understand how to get started and they'll also share on the ground business use cases that have realized success.

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Join us as we explore trending topics, news, and industry updates of the Technology world. Hosted by Logicalis subject matter experts, this podcast will feature some of the greatest industry minds each week to share knowledge and shape the industry for the future.


Meet The Hosts

Host Ed Konopasek Sr. Vice President, Integrated Practices
Host Walt Braeger Vice President Cloud Services, Managed Solutions & Software LinkedIn
Host Brandon Harris Vice President, Modern Data Center LinkedIn
Host Arron Marchese Logicalis Director of Architecture - Data Center LinkedIn

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A Deep Dive into NetApp Keystone and its Benefits
In this episode, host Arron Marchese from Logicalis is joined by Matt Englemann, Keystone Specialist from NetApp and Kevin Papreck Solutions Architect at NetApp to discuss NetApp Keystone. In this deep dive, the team discusses what is driving the need for Keystone, how it benefits teams and what to expect in the future.

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How to Protect Your Organization from the Great Resignation
In this episode, our host Ed Konopasek interviews Phillip Kane to deep dive into the great resignation's impact on organizations. They discuss how it takes a shift of thinking to understand the why behind the movement as well as how to make positive change that impacts both employee and employer.

On-Premise or in the Cloud, Protecting Your Data with New Backup Technology
In this episode, our host Travis Reboulet interviews our partner from Veeam, Brock Bruner, to explore the importance of new backup technology releases. They discuss how your data is always your responsibility and how to protect it no matter where it is, onsite or in the cloud.

Embracing a Hybrid Cloud Strategy with Logicalis + VMware
Hear from our Logicalis and VMware industry experts, Brandon Harris, Vice President of Modern Data Center and Jason Nizich, Principal Architect, as they discuss why companies should embrace a hybrid cloud strategy to enable you to build and operate your hybrid environment with the same foundation you use today in your data center.

Selecting the Right Data Migration Services with Logicalis + NetApp
Hear from the Logicalis Vice President of Modern Data Center, Brandon Harris, and our special guest Dennis Boutorwick, Solution Architect, as they reveal how to select the right data migration services for your company. During this podcast, our experts will highlight key benefits of NetApp’s solutions and why they are a good choice for a modern infrastructure as well as how Logicalis can support you in starting downs a hybrid cloud journey.

Accelerate Hybrid-Cloud Adoption Using the Latest Innovations from Cisco
Listen in as Arron Marchese, Logicalis Director of Data Center Architecture, discusses how to simplify platform management, accelerate the deployment processes, and maximize on-premises and hybrid cloud investments with Cisco's Karthic Ramasamy.

Redefining Cyber Resilience with IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault
Tune in to hear Brandon Harris and Michael Vannette, two of our experts from the Logicalis Data Center Group, speak with our special guest Thomas Sullivan of IBM Storage Solutions. During this episode, you will learn about the FlashSystem Cyber Vault, IBM's latest solution designed to assist businesses in detecting and recovering more swiftly from cyberattacks.

FlexPod – Flexible & Efficient Data Center Infrastructure
Tune in to hear Brandon Harris, an expert from the Logicalis Data Center Group, speak with our special guest Ben Compton, Solution Architect with Logicalis. During this episode, sponsored by NetApp, we dive into a detailed overview of the FlexPod solution as well the keys to a successful hybrid cloud strategy in a modern infrastructure and benefits of a converged infrastructure. Discover how Logicalis and NetApp can get you started down the path of modernization and defining a platform for Hybrid Cloud.

HPE dHCI at a Glance
Tune in to hear our host, Brandon Harris, Vice President Modern Data Center for Logicalis, speak with our special guests Frank Nishimori and Perry Szarka, our Logicalis experts in deploying HCI and dHCI solutions on behalf of our customers. During this podcast, you will learn how HPE’s dHCI platform can help maintain and manage your storage and compute needs like the traditional HCI, but also allows you to independently add the right amount of storage or compute to meet your unique needs.

Understanding Today's SASE Architecture
Today we're joined by two Logicalis' senior thought leaders and architecture experts sharing their points of view on this SASE world that we're all living in. In this episode, we'll unpack how to make a decision on which direction to go for content inspection and endpoint security. Whether you're a CISO or a technology practitioner, we'll cover what's needed to understand the framework and how to go about maturing your architecture in the future.

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