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Logicalis Executive-Level Workshops

Our executive workshops are not one-way conversations.

Instead they are a deep-dive, lively conversation between your experts and ours covering the key benefits, challenges, industry best practices and real-world use cases of the latest technology solutions that will benefit your specific environment.

After your session, we provide a recap with expert recommendations for your next steps.

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Available Workshops:

  • Cloud
  • Data Center
  • Cloudscape
  • Collaboration
  • Security
  • Service Management
  • Network
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Who Should Attend?

The Logicalis workshop is an in-depth, executive-level session designed to foster an open and honest discussion about your organization’s current technological state and its future goals.

Anyone in your organization from the CEO down who is tasked with making the company a more nimble, agile organization should have a seat at the table.

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What to Expect

Before the Workshop

To maximize our time with you, we need to know more about your organization. Prior to your workshop, we will send you a brief Pre-Workshop Survey to complete. We ask that you complete it entirely and return this survey to us one week before your workshop.

During the Workshop

We begin the workshop by reviewing your responses from the Pre-Workshop Survey, digging a little deeper to get to the heart of your business objectives. Next, we discuss solution best practices and use cases and show you how all of this applies to your business.

After the Workshop

Our SME, AE and SAs will discuss your objectives and challenges, assess your specific situation, and come back to you with a recommended roadmap that includes a phased approach to implementation, a suggested timeline, and an estimate of what an implementation may cost.

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