Logicalis Global CIO Report 2024

The Future Face of Tech Leadership

Emerging technologies and their impact on the CIO role

Welcome to the 10th anniversary edition of the Logicalis CIO Report 2024: The Future Face of Tech Leadership

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It’s been ten years since the Logicalis CIO report was launched, serving as a pulse check on the mood in the industry and identifying common CIO challenges and ambitions and to serve as a reminder that we are part of an ever-changing ecosystem that evolves each year.

Over the years, we’ve tracked the strategic influence of the CIO and just last year we celebrated the meteoric rise of technology leaders, from the basement to the boardroom.

This year, that elevated responsibility, combined with emerging technologies and continued economic uncertainty brings a new set of leadership challenges.

What you'll discover

Our research among one thousand CIOs globally shows that the community is leaning into the changes ahead and rising to the challenges.

An overwhelming number are actively grasping the opportunities of AI, leading in sustainability, and getting on the front foot against fierce new cyber threats.

Today’s CIO recognizes that safeguarding and steering their organizations into the future requires a decisive yet divergent leadership style.

Visionary leadership in the face of the fourth industrial revolution

89% are actively seeking opportunities to incorporate AI into the business

Navigating the next era of security with hypervigilant curiosity

83% of businesses have experienced a cyber hack in the last 12 months

Balancing profit and purpose in sustainable tech leadership

92% of CIOs are increasing investment in environmental sustainability initiatives

Mastering the balancing act

Balancing long-term, short-term, and immediate priorities while juggling innovation and business protection

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    The impact of AI and the 4th industrial revolution

    Why 89% of CIOs say they are actively looking to incorporate AI into their business.

    Security fuelled by AI requires a new level of hypervigilance

    As the hackers ramp up their game, 83% of CIOs report a cyber-attack last year.

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    CIOs on path to success in sustainability

    93% of CIOs believe IT can drive sustainability goals, but poor data impeding progress.

    How do CIOs balance priorities...?

    Why 80% of tech leaders struggle to analyze the performance of their digital estates.

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