Intelligent Connectivity

Connectivity for an evolving world

Intelligent Connectivity from Logicalis delivers next generation connectivity to sustain, secure and scale your business.

The comprehensive suite of solutions includes Private 5G, SD-WAN, SASE, and SSE offered as a managed service.

Why Intelligent Connectivity?

The next generation of connectivity solutions presents endless possibilities on a global scale, opening new paths for innovation, optimization and sustainable business outcomes.

Secure Connectivity

Protect and connect by weaving security through your digital ecosystem with Intelligent Connectivity: SD Access, SASE and SSE.

Intelligent Connectivity has security built in throughout its entire DNA, so you can take advantage of new opportunities, while simplifying your security posture and giving you the confidence to grow.

Sustainable Connectivity

Transform your sustainability efforts with a smart building and campus strategy that drives carbon efficiency.

Our Digital Fabric Platform offers valuable insights to help you achieve sustainable business outcomes. Gain visibility into your environmental impact and receive data-driven recommendations as to how to reduce carbon emissions and make your business more sustainable and connected.

Super-Scaled Connectivity

With Intelligent Connectivity Managed Private 5G, connect wide open spaces and hard to reach places like never before.

With the power of Private 5G connectivity, you can now unlock innovation and competitive advantage at scale and enjoy limitless possibilities.

Intelligent Connectivity is Cisco powered, check out our specializations, awards and partnership with Cisco.

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The Intelligent Connectivity Blueprint

Private 5G

With Private 5G organizations can scale to drive efficiency and automation delivering customized use cases to meet their industry challenges. Unlock innovation and competitive advantage at scale with Private 5G.


Connect your workforce, protect your network, and meet multi-cloud demands at scale with secure connectivity solutions from Logicalis and Cisco.


With SD-WAN connectivity, you can simplify and optimize network performance, reduce costs and improve security, allowing you to scale and expand as your business grows, with a predictable cost base.


Our managed SASE solution enables organizations to scale their business effectively, while establishing secure connectivity for their hybrid and dispersed workforce.

Build an intelligent network with help from Logicalis

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Our lifecycle services approach

Our solutions are designed to take you on a journey using a tried, tested and repeatable framework. Starting with an assessment through to a managed service that helps you to continually optimise at scale. 


Current network assessment, business requirements, gap analysis and solution roadmap.


Intelligent network implementation delivered with efficient and effective change management.


Continuous visibility and performance improvement with ongoing managed services.

Intelligent Connectivity built on the award winning Logicalis Digital Fabric Platform

With Intelligent Connectivity, we go beyond the traditional managed service. As a managed services customer using our Managed Digital Fabric Platform, you can gain access to a centralised view of your managed network, and through AI and machine learning we are able to provide the following benefits:

A real time, centralised view of your digital ecosystem, across key areas such as availability, security, economics, user experience and environmental impact.

Access to advanced reporting and recommendations, Digital Fabric Scores are benchmarked. See how you perform against similar organisations, and receive practical recommendations to improve performance.

The ability to cut through the noise, helping you focus on the key activities that will increase your Digital Fabric Score to improve business impact.

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What is the Logicalis Digital Fabric Platform?

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Want to understand what it takes to build an intelligent network?

Our Connectivity Assessment takes less than two weeks, providing accurate costs and timeframes to help you reach your connectivity goals.

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